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I haven't tried this in vista yet. I went back to XP because I could get the calibration to run. I feel like an idiot in hindsight BTW. Someone asked if I could use the touchscreen to open the start menu. Since I've been running dualview (and my icons/start menu are on the primary, non-touchscreen, display) I hadn't tried - and when I pulled a shortcut to the touchscreen I could not run it by 'tapping'. So I tried moving the digitouch application (once opened) to the touchscreen, then ran the calibration. The calibration worked (as expected), and after that, the touchscreen worked for the desktop! Conerstone for mac.

What is actually happening is that these new MacBook Pro's (and recent MacBook Air's) have a new powersaving mode which Apple calls. After 8-10 seconds, the time will become accurate and this is the signal that you can actually start typing your password to unlock the laptop. Right after opening the lid, it will show the incorrect time (the time when the laptop went to sleep). Slow after macbook air sleeps.

Zalman Hd160 Drivers For Macbook Pro

I'm not sure if this applies to vista (I'll try it soon, but I'm not ready for a new install test), but I thought I'd mention it in case someone else wants to give it a try in vista. Also, I'm not sure about MCE, but I think I can set up Meedio to run my music from the touchscreen without the primary display on - still working on it though. [Added] Actually, I can run the music, I'm working on a setup that will let me switch Meedio from the touchscreen to the HDTV and back - that's still in progress. [/Added] Brett. Hi all, After several unanswered emails to Zalman about the non-working touchscreen in Vista, i contacted eGalax today, the manufacturers of the touchscreen.

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Download & install.Download the DriverTuner for Zalman and install it on your PC or laptop. Scan your computer.Run DriverTuner for Zalman, Click 'Start Scan' button, DriverTuner will scan your computer and find all of Zalman drivers. Jul 23, 2007  I tried the 5.1.4 drivers that you pointed to (how did you know they were for the same touchscreen?). I had to try a few different things to get it to work. What finally succeeded 1) Don't install the USB driver from the zalman install package.

Zalman Hd160 Drivers For Mac

I explained the non-existing support from Zalman, and asked them if they had a firmware update for the touchscreen, since that was what seemed needed to make it work under Vista. File extension mediainfo. Within 10 hours i received a reply from eGalax, including a driver for Vista 64. I started setup, it automatically uninstalled the already installed touchkit. After a reboot i ran setup again and it finished allowing me to calibrate the screen. And this time.

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IT WORKED!!!!! The current driver doesn't support the beep-on-touch yet, that's a microsoft-issue that will probably be fixed in later versions. Software can be downloaded from my ftp-server as-is, with no warranty or support whatsoever ofcourse Big thanks to Albert @ Egalax for this fast reply and finally a working touchscreen in Vista 64. I'm back to enjoying my WORKING HTPC, Greetz, Ruud. Hi Lubej, The touchscreen needs to be connected to a vga or dvi-output (dvi-2-vga adapter is included with the Zalman case). So you need either a dual-dvi card, or two separate videocards. Then you'll have a multimonitor setup which can run in different modes: cloned (both screens display the same) this is usefull if you want to control mce without having the big screen on, but it can also run as an extended desktop.

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