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The guide I posted in Tutorials is taking a while to appear, so here is the first part of the guide I knocked together for getting Leopard/Leopard Server up and running on the HP Proliant m110 G5. Hp proliant dl360 g5 support.

It’s 2013, and there’s no way around it: you need to learn how to use GitHub. Because it’s a social network that has completely changed the way we work.

Having started as a developer’s collaborative platform, GitHub is now the largest online storage space of collaborative works that exists in the world. Whether you’re interested in participating in this global mind meld or in researching this massive file dump of human knowledge, you need to be here. See also: Simply by being a member, you can brush elbows with the likes of Google, Facebook and. Before GitHub existed, major companies created their knowledge mainly in private. But when you access their GitHub accounts, you’re free to download, study, and build upon anything they add to the network. So what are you waiting for? Looking For GitHub Answers As embarrassing as it is to admit, this tutorial came into being because all of the “GitHub for Beginners” articles I read were way over my head.

That’s probably because I don’t have a strong programming background, like most GitHub users. I couldn’t identify with the way most tutorials suggest using GitHub, as a showcase for my programming work.

Now you should be able to remap the other keys if you know the key codes, by pressing ‘Esc’ to emit 033. Press ‘Esc’ which emits ‘ 033′ then type ‘[4~’ after it, so the text field should now show: “ 033[4~'. For mac command shift o raj suvariya medium

See also: What you might not know is that there are plenty of reasons to use GitHub if you’re not a programmer. According to GitHub’s educational videos, any knowledge worker can benefit, with “knowledge worker” defined as most any profession that makes use of a computer. If you’ve given up on understanding how to use GitHub, this article is for you. One of the main misconceptions about GitHub is that it’s a development tool, as much a part of coding as computer languages and compilers.

However, GitHub itself isn’t much more than a social network like Facebook or Flickr. You build a profile, upload projects to share and connect with other users by “following” their accounts. And while many users store programs and code projects, there’s nothing preventing you from keeping text documents or other file types in your project folders to show off.

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The author’s GitHub page. You may already have a dozen other social media accounts, but here’s why you should be on GitHub anyway: it’s got the best agreement out of the bunch. If you check out Section F of the terms, you’ll see that GitHub does everything in its power to ensure that you retain total ownership of any projects you upload to the site: “We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service. Your profile and materials uploaded remain yours.” What’s more, you can actually use GitHub without knowing ANY code at all. You don’t really need a tutorial to sign up and click around. But I do think that there’s merit to learning things the hard way first, by which I mean, with plain old coding in Git. After all, GitHub just happens to be one of the most effortless graphical interfaces for the Git programming language.

Thank famed software developer for Git, the software that runs at the heart of GitHub. (And while you’re at it, go ahead thank him for the Linux operating system, too.) Git is version control software, which means it manages changes to a project without overwriting any part of that project. And it’s not going away anytime soon, particularly since Torvalds and his fellow kernel developers employ Git to help develop the core kernel for Linux. Why use something like Git? Say you and a coworker are both updating pages on the same website.

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You make your changes, save them, and upload them back to the website. So far, so good. The problem comes when your coworker is working on the same page as you at the same time. One of you is about to have your work overwritten and erased. A application like Git keeps that from happening.

You and your coworker can each upload your revisions to the same page, and Git will save two copies. Later, you can merge your changes together without losing any work along the way. You can even revert to an earlier version at any time, because Git keeps a “snapshot” of every change ever made. The problem with Git is that it’s so ancient that we have to use the command line—or Terminal if you’re a Mac user—in order to access it, typing in snippets of code like ‘90s hackers. This can be a difficult proposition for modern computer users. That’s where GitHub comes in. The author’s Terminal screen on a Mac.

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