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QQ International is a global instant messenger service. The application is free, feature rich and has real-time chat translation that supports 50 languages, HD video chat, and hundreds of free add-ons. The application lets you create, manage, or join massive chat groups, play online games, and find new friends with QQ's advanced search. Key features: • Live translation: Support for 50+ Languages. • HD Video Chat suport. • Chat group support. Dashboard widgets mac. • Multiple add-on support.

QQ Browser International for Mac,High speed browser,Automatic Syncing,Simple and elegant design,Fast download,Advanced protection. QQ for mac官方正式版是基于Mac OS X平台的即时通讯软件,致力于通过简洁的界面、实用高效的即时沟通功能以及流畅的操作体验,让您充分感受沟通乐趣。.

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系统迷 OSFANCIER.COM QQ For Mac 安装与使用视频教程.

QQ International is one of the most popular IM and video chat tools in China. The great thing about QQ International is it gives international users access to QQ International's massive Chinese network. The app supports numerous languages and it can also integrate other applications that range from news feeds to games and videos. There are also translations, currency conversions and other applications that are available to use for free. QQ International has a fresh and simple looking user interface.

There's a LOT of Facebook Live software options out there on both Mac and Windows. Best streaming software for mac. -- Whether it's multi-person interviews, live screen sharing, on-screen chat, or just fancy branding animations and tools - third-party Facebook Live software on PC and Mac can unlock a HUGE range of functionality you just can't get with Facebook’s standard apps. BeLive.tv, Wirecast, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), eCamm Live, Zoom, Crowdcast, all great options with their own unique strengths and weaknesses and cool live stream display features.

Upon first sign in, QQ International opens a video user's guide which will walk you through what to do. QQ International's applications are a large part of the software's features and it can let you accomplish lots of different things from searching for new friends to watching videos and playing games. If you want to access or remove these applications, simply navigate to the MyApps button on the application's toolbar.

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QQ International has good quality English translations, but the application is clearly based towards the Chinese market. The content, links, applications, and features are geared towards that market. QQ International has been designed to allow other, non Chinese speaking, clients access to China's billion Internet users. Overall, QQ International is a capable and sophisticated tool with a clean and fresh user interface. It is a great communication tool for those who have friends and colleagues in China.

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