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After making modest efforts in the audio capture and editing arena with its WireTap Pro, Ambrosia Software has released the fuller-featured WireTap Studio, a $69 application that focuses on easily capturing audio, performing common editing tasks, and—its stand-out feature—allowing you to non-destructively edit audio and preview it in a variety of formats. Recording When you launch WireTap Studio, a recording controller appears, from which you choose a recording source (or two, as you might when recording the output from an application such as iChat or Skype along with the input from a microphone plugged into your Mac).

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Icse 2012 question papers for mac. From this controller you also select an audio format (AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV, or lossless.mov) and a quality setting. You’ll also find Record, Stop, and Pause buttons. Finally, and most intriguing, is the LivePreview button you can click to hear how your audio will sound when processed with the selected setting. Choose a low-quality setting—MP3 Cellphone Ringtone, for example—and the audio sounds highly compressed. Choose AIFF CD Quality, on the other hand, and you hear the audio at full quality. LivePreview is good for more than auditioning how your file will sound with a certain format and quality. You can also non-destructively apply effects on input.

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For example, you can apply a reverb effect to a radio station you’re streaming through iTunes or change the pitch of someone on the other end of a Skype call. Again, you can remove this effect at any time you like. It becomes permanent only when you export your file. Download ie driver for selenium. It’s important to note that while WireTap Studio will create a file at the settings you’ve selected, by default it also records a lossless master. Although the lossless version necessarily requires more disk space, it’s useful for those times when you think you’ve chosen a reasonable recording setting only to be disappointed with the quality when you listen to that recording.

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