Why The Hate For Mac


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Artwork: Chip TaylorEvery company has its opponents, but Apple really gets people worked up. Some people hate Apple a lot, more than they hate Nazis or Smurfs. They leave angry comments on Apple blogs. Based on my extensive observations of the species, Apple-haters fall into five categories. If you're an Apple-hater, which one of these categories do you fit in? You believe buying Apple undermines your individuality.

May 21, 2015  20 reasons why you’ll hate switching to Mac (and a few reasons why you’ll love it) May 21, 2015 Oded Ran 4 Comments. In 2011, I switched from PC to Mac. I used a MacBook Air 15″ for about a year until it got stolen. I then rushed back to a PC. It was for a simple reason: I couldn’t get work done as easily on a Mac. There are shortcuts for everything on a Mac—screenshots, smart quotes, deleting from the desktop, making snappy check marks, etc.—but until you’ve learned them, you’re Brendan Fraser in. Mac users are 22% more likely than PC users to be ages 18 to 34. PC people are statically more likely to be 35 to 49. Political Persuasion. 58% of Mac people are self-identifying as liberal. Why do people hate Apple iOS? Why do Android users hate Apple so much more than Apple users hate Android? MAC is one of those companies that has a cult following. I might get a crusade of girls coming after me ready to stab my eyes out with their 217’s and paint my body with blood and Ruby Woo for saying this but I used to hate MAC (and partially still do).

You see yourself as making a bold stroke for your individuality and freedom by your refusal to buy Apple. You use words like 'brainwashed' and 'lemmings' to describe Apple fans.

These haters frequently have very poor grammar and spelling. Many of them seem to be barely literate. They also often have issues with alternative sexuality, accusing Apple fans of performing acts of love with Steve Jobs that were, until recently, illegal in many states. Is this a good reason to hate Apple? No, it's dumb.

Your choice of consumer products says nothing about your individuality. The true individual doesn't care what the herd does, he does what's right for him. Audiophile player for mac. Sometimes that means forging a unique path, but other times, what the masses do is just fine. If your sense of individuality is bound up in the consumer products you buy, then you have no individuality at all -- you're just one of the Body of, kidding yourself that you're a unique special snowflake. Moreover,, Windows still runs on more than 90% of desktops. The iPhone is only the phone in the U.S., lagging Android and BlackBerry. If Apple is trying to absorb everyone into its universal groupmind, they're doing a poor job of it.

You hate Apple culture. Your favorite word is 'arrogance.'


You look at Apple's secretive culture, its slick stores, its polished advertising campaigns, and you think that Apple feels it's superior. Free password cracker software for mac. There is some truth in this.

Apple does feel it's superior. But they're hardly alone. Everybody who works in the computer industry thinks they're superior to everybody else. The same is true for Christians, Jews, atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Americans, Europeans, Objectivists, and New Yorkers. It's part of the human condition to think that your tribe is better than everybody else's tribe. Is this a good reason to hate Apple? No, it's dumb.

What do you care what Apple thinks about you? Do you get worked up in a hissy fit if the barista at Starbucks looks at you funny? The more you go on about Apple's 'arrogant' culture,the more you reveal about yourself, your own insecurities and father-issues. Go get therapy, give yourself a hug, and shut up about Apple already.

You've had a bad experience with Apple products. Every company produces occasional lemons, and if you're stuck with one of them, you're likely to hate the company that sold it to you. Is this a good reason to hate Apple?

If a company sells me a bad product, or gives me lousy service, they're dead to me. I'm still holding a grudge over a bum Compaq laptop I bought in 2002. I have a voodoo doll of Carly Fiorina that I torture whenever I'm felling blue. Carly, you know that pain you occasionally get in your lower back? On the other hand, relatively few people have had bad experiences with Apple. Apple has great quality control, its customer satisfaction rankings are routinely among the highest for, the, the, its, and the.

But what about the Surely that caused Apple's customer satisfaction ratings to drop? I haven't seen any surveys to support that data. It appears that if you're in an area where service was already marginal, the iPhone 4's antenna design will make it worse. If service where you are is good, then you shouldn't notice a problem. The iPhone 4 antenna problem apparently only affects a few people; its effects were magnified by an echo chamber of journalists and bloggers.

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