Where Is Remote Desktop Connection For Mac


Apple sells Apple Remote Desktop on the Mac App Store for $80, but you don’t have to spend any money to remotely connect to your Mac. There are free solutions — including one built into your Mac.

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Zabbifier for mac Chrome Remote Desktop is a handy way to control a Mac from your PC. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET Need to connect to and control a Mac from your PC? One quick and easy solution can be found in Google's Chrome Remote Desktop feature., the Chrome Remote Desktop extension lets you connect to one computer from another directly through the browser. From there, you can control the other computer using your mouse and keyboard. Hp laserjet pro 400 m401dne printer drivers for mac. Of course, remote desktop software is nothing new. Microsoft includes its Remote Desktop Connection in Windows. It also offers a of the software, but that one only lets you connect to a PC from your Mac, not the other way around.

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There are certain options for going from PC to Mac, such as setting up a VNC (virtual network computing) connection in your Mac and then running a VNC client on your PC. But Chrome Remote Desktop can connect you no matter which computers reside on both ends. And as such, it's an effective way to control a Mac from your PC without having to configure a variety of settings and download other software. You can set up such a connection by going through the following steps: • First install Google Chrome on both your PC and Mac if it's not already installed. • Next download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension from its and install it on both computers. • After installation, launch Chrome on your Mac and click on the + button at the top to open a new tab. You should see a page displaying any software and extensions that have been installed in Chrome.

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