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Jul 25, 2018  @fr34k I've had results with the latest alpha of your script, but support for dual eGPU's fails. I have a trashcan Mac Pro with TB2 ports running os 10.13.3. After downloading the MacOS High Sierra 10.13.5 update, watch the entire video to update MacOS High Sierra to latest version step by step. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Third party post on driver improvements Nvidia Blog post about driver: It saw massive boosts on many newer nvidia hardware, mostly stuff you'd only find in mac pros and hackintosh. However, nvidia has also enabled (for first time) this version of driver to install on imacs and macbook pros without needing to modify installer. Also, these drivers safely do NOT touch built in and out of date driver in OS X, they install along side it, with a control panel that lets you switch between the current 346 driver, and the over year old 310 drivers.


You definitely want to be using the 346 driver:) The driver is for ANY nvidia GPU even if it's not listed on the driver download page. Performance gains will be seen across almost all nvidia hardware over OS X stock driver.

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Especially 600-700-900 series. If you use AMD based graphics don't bother with update. However, if you do have a nvidia gpu mac, you should definitely install this 10.11.6 15G20015 Driver Direct Download (Updated 06-02-18): 10.12.4 (Updated 04-20-17) (Previous driver with no pascal support but works best with Metal/WoW since 378 series driver had performance issues on 10.12.x that weren't fixed until 10.13.x 10.12.6 16G1408 (Updated 06-02-18) 10.13.5 17F77 (Updated 06-02-18) https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/387/WebDriver-387. Which one is better bhu or du for mac

They already fixed the problems. I posted the driver that doesn't crash safari. Some sites are bad at coverage and by the time they posted about the crashes, they had already been fixed.

Nvidia fixed majority of crashes in under 24 hours. Furthermore, because it doesn't replace original driver, it's as simple as flipping an off switch if it is problematic. You install, try, if it gives problems you open nvidia control panel and choose built in driver instead of web driver and reboot. Then it's like you never installed it. Then next time there is an update the control panel will auto notify and you can try it again. I installed the new driver on my iMac 13,2 (GTX 680MX) and wanted to share my results. In two words: Very impressive.

Free signature app. The controls for Signature hides in your menu bar until you turn it on with a keyboard shortcut or clicking on the icon. The write up looks pretty good and at $3 it looks like a good deal. We went to iTunes to check out Signature (by Raj Kumar Shaw). Signature allows you to use your Magic Track Pad, Wacom Tablet, and built in multitouch Track Pad to sign, seal and deliver important documents and emails. Signature is controlled from your Status Bar. Click on the icon and you are ready to sign away. Finally an app that allows users to sign documents on the go. This is rarely necessary for average Mac users, particularly those who obtain their software from the Mac App Store or other trusted sources since the apps are certified, but verifying the digital signature of an app can be extremely helpful for users who get apps from third party sources.

My baseline for WoW performance is to be able to maintain 60 FPS at 2560x1440 native resolution with vsync enabled and FXAA set to high. With the old driver, I could only do this with the graphics preset to High and shadows turned down to low (this one was critical).

With the new driver, same settings across the board but turned-up to Ultra, with the only exemption again being shadows still on low. (The moment I turn shadows up at all, FPS takes a dump instantly.) The only times I'm seeing a dip in FPS now on Ultra (with shadows on low) is during periods of many spell effects (such as raiding) and in the garrison, which always seems to chug a bit worse than anywhere else. I haven't tested flying out over the ocean yet, so it's entirely possible that the water effects on Ultra may chug, as well.

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