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Web Content Extractor is a software for web scraping, data mining, data extraction. A full-featured native web browser for Mac OS X. Highly multi-threaded and written using Apples Cocoa frameworks, OmniWeb is designed to provide you with the best user experience youll find in a web. Handy Web Extractor is a simple tool for everyday web content monitoring. It periodically downloads the specified web page, extracts the part you need and displays it in a small window on your desktop. About Web Data Extractor. Web Data Extractor Pro is a web scraping tool specifically designed for mass-gathering of various data types. It can harvest URLs, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, as well as meta tag information and body text.

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Is a visual user-oriented tool that scrapes typical pages. Its simplicity makes for a quick start up in. Overview Web Content Extractor (WCE) is a simple user-oriented application that scrapes web pages and parses data from them. This program is easy to use, but it gives you the ability to save every single project for future (daily) use.

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The trial version will work with only 150 records per scrape project. As far as exporting and putting data into different formats, Web Content Extractor is excellent for grouping data into Excel, text, HTML formats, MS Access DB, SQL Script File, MySQL Script File, XML file, HTTP submit form and ODBC Data source. Being a simple and user friendly application, it steadily grows in practical functionality for complex scrape cases. Usability Functionality Easy to learn Customer support email; the service personnel is apt to help.

Price $75; $50 for more than 2 licences. Trial version/Free version 14 days OS (Specifications) Win Data Export formats Excel, text, HTML, MS Access DB, SQL Script File, MySQL Script File, XML file, HTTP submit form, ODBC Data source Multi-thread yes (up to 20) API no Scheduling through Windows Task Manager Workflow Let’s see how to scrape data from londonstockexchange.com using Web Content Extractor. First, you need to open the starting page in the internal browser: Then, you need to define “crawling rules” in order to iterate through all the records in the stock table: Also, as you need to process all the pages, set the scraper to follow the “Next” link on every page: After that, drill down into each stock table row and extract information from the “Summary” section. This is done by defining an “Extraction pattern” for getting data fields: And finally, when you’re done with all the rules and patterns, run the web scraping session. You may track the scraped data at the bottom: As soon as you get all the web data scraped, export it into the desired destination: Dynamic Elements Extraction Scraping of dynamic web page elements (like popups and ajax-driven web snippets) is not an easy task. Originally, we didn’t consider Web Content Extractor to be able to break through here, but with transformation URL script, it’s possible. Thanks to the Newprosoft support center, we got help with crawling over popups on a certain web page.

Go to Project->Properties->Crawling Rules->Goodsync for mac. URL Transformation Script, where you may compose a script that will change casual crawl behavior into a customized one: The task of building a transformation script is not a trivial one. Yes, it is possible to make a project to crawl through dynamic elements, but, practically speaking, you’ll need to know web programming (,, JavaScript, VBScript, jQuery). Here is an example of such an URL transformation script for scraping popups from (the script was composed by a Newprosoft specialist, so in difficult cases you’ll need to turn to them). End Function Multi-Threading and More As far as multi-threading, the Web Content Extractor sends several server requests at the same time (up to 20), but remember that each session runs with only one extraction pattern. Filtering helps with sifting through the results. Summary The Web Content Extractor is a tool to get the data you need in “5 clicks” (the example task we completed within 15 minutes). It works well if you scrape simple pages with minimum complications for your private or small enterprise purposes.

Hello Mike and Igor, My name is Michael, I am from Newprosoft support team. Thank you for your Web Content Extractor review. You wrote: “it sometimes loses in practical functionality if you need to scrape sophisticated pages”. Our team has created more than 1000 projects to extract data from different websites. Web Content Extractor can extract data from 95% websites. Can you send me an example of sophisticated website? We will try to extract data from this website and send the project file to you.

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