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Wavefunction Latest Version Download Page Spartan’18 & Spartan’18 Parallel Suite: Windows (1.12 GB) v.1.1.0 Spartan’16 & Spartan’16 Parallel Suite. Option 2: Mac Installation 1) Run the downloaded installer and drag “Spartan Student” into the Application folder 2) Answer affirmatively to all dialogues. (Mac OSX, Linux) For the Spartan 14 Parallel Suite, the Preferences:Embedded Server tab has been removed. Choosing 'Service Control' under the Options menu launches a standalone utility app to administrate the Spartan Server.

Spartan14 Release Notes Spartan'14 Release Notes Known Issues • (MacOS only) Due to a bug with Qt and Mavericks (10.9), The native MacOS Save dialog does not accept file name suggestions from the SSPD. A custom Save dialog will be displayed by default for Mavericks (and later) users which accepts SSPD name suggestions, but has other limitations (attempts to save directly to file server volumes will fail). The style of the Save dialog can be changed from the Preferences dialog under the Miscellaneous tab:Save Dialog Style. Version 1.1.10 • (Linux) Updated Sentinel HASP drivers to version 2.5-1.

Version 1.1.8 • Improvements in Network Licensing. • (Windows) Silent Install option available. Tom clancy

• Updated CSD interface. • Improved Unicode Support. • (Mac OSX, Linux) For the Spartan 14 Parallel Suite, the Preferences:Embedded Server tab has been removed. Choosing 'Service Control' under the Options menu launches a standalone utility app to administrate the Spartan Server. • (Mac OSX) The.jxyz file format has been returned to the File->Save As. File format popup menu. • (Mac OSX) Command-R now starts and stops a Quicktime movie clip so that the File menu won't appear in the end of the movie (File menu, OS X 10.7 and later) Version 1.1.7 • In previous versions the Tamm-Dancoff approximation was used in DFT UV/Vis and DFT excited state calculations.

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In this version the default is FULLTDDFT. This produces better results but takes (roughly) twice as long. To use the Tamm-Dancoff approximation add the TDA keyword in the 'Options line' from the calculations dialogue.

• Updated how multiplicity is handled in excited states. Av8r01 driver for mac. • Improvements in how excited states energies (and UV/Vis spectra) are reported in the output Summary. • Improved reading and error-handling of Gaussian Check-point files.

• Improvements and updates to the Help Menu FAQ files. • Memory overflow problem fixed with 'Similarity Analysis'. • Improved error handling of 'g' basis functions, which could cause the wrong wavefunction to be passed to the property module. • Error messages improved. • Fixed some large SM8 solvation calculations which caused crashes in large systems. • Improved handling of 'almost-but-not-exact' symmetry in backends, which could produce anomalous energy results.

• Fixed symmetry error that could occur at extraordinary saddle points which were 'flat' in multiple directions. • More informative printing during conformational searching when no minima exists for a given conformer. • Expanded the number of CIF file types (or variations) which Spartan can import. • Improvement in the 'Output Summary' for IR and Raman spectra information. • Imaginary Frequencies are available in the 'Spectra Pane' (were missing in version 1.1.4 and later). Version 1.1.6 • (Mac OSX) Added checks to ensure ownership/permission settings of /etc/sysctl.conf are correct when increasing system parameters for Parallel Suite users (fixes repeating 'reboot for changes to take effect' dialogues). • (Mac OSX) Updated bundled licensing drivers to 7.1- hasplmd 16.0.1 (fixes issue with activations not working after upgrading to Mavericks).

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• Monitor: Fixed issue where the structure pane could revert back to displaying the starting structure when selecting among list items. Version 1.1.5 • (Mac OSX) The Edit menu (Cut/Copy/Paste) was not working correctly for certain text panes (CSD Diagnostics, Peptide Text, Calculations Preview, SMILES input). • (Mac OSX) Fixed CSD Search for 10.9/CSD 2014 (new environment variables required for 10.9) • (Mac OSX) Fixed bug in SpartanServer that returned 'Server is not licensed' message for activation code licensees (only). • (Mac OSX) Fixed bug in SpartanServer that could cause 'XML Parse' errors when connecting to a Mac named with non-UTF8 characters (a 'single right curly quote' as in 'Fred's Mac' for example). Stepper driver circuit. Version 1.1.4 • Restarting jobs with the HESS= keywords behave better. • Better handling of corrupted archives in property module.

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