Virtualbox Lsi Logic Scsi Drivers For Mac


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, in contrast, appears to have all the LSI Logic, parallel & SAS, drivers, as well as the paravirtual SCSI drivers, so all you need to do is shut the VM down and change the type of SCSI controller you’re using. Oracle VM VirtualBox (formerly Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is a free and open-source hosted hypervisor for x86 computers currently being developed by Oracle Corporation.

A question from prompted this, where he wants to go from the BusLogic SCSI controller to the LSI Logic SAS controller. It’s actually a straightforward conversion if you have the right steps.

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This is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4, and 5, but the principle should be the same for everything. It’s basically: snapshot, change config files, change hardware. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, in contrast, appears to have all the LSI Logic, parallel & SAS, drivers, as well as the paravirtual SCSI drivers, so all you need to do is shut the VM down and change the type of SCSI controller you’re using. I always recommend trying this on a test VM before you try it on something big and important.:) As always, while I strive for 100% accuracy I assume no responsibility for this b0rking your whole setup. There are parts to this that require you to find your own information and substitute it for the example I’ve given. Please do that, don’t copy the commands by themselves. Some of them will look like they work fine until you reboot. Free download for mac games.

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Step 1: Take a snapshot of the VM in question. Did you know that VMware snapshots archive the VM hardware configuration, too? Step 2: Copy /etc/modules.conf (for RHEL AS 3) or /etc/modprobe.conf (for RHEL 4 or 5) to /tmp, just in case. Cp /etc/modules.conf /tmp cp /etc/modprobe.conf /tmp On RHEL hosts that have tmpwatch installed files that haven’t been accessed in 10 days will be removed from /tmp. In this case that’s my desired behavior, as you won’t need the original after the conversion operation, and I always discourage people from leaving cruft sitting around on hosts, cluttering them up.

Besides, if you do need the original file after 10 days just pull it out of your file-level backups. Step 3: Open the original file in an editor.

If you’re new to Linux try to use the ‘nano’ or ‘pico’ editor, it’s more straightforward than vi. Remember to use sudo or do this as root, which will be true of all of the rest of the directions here. Sudo nano /etc/modprobe.conf Step 4: Find the line or lines that say “alias scsi_hostadapter.” There may be more than one of them, they may have numbers, and they may not all pertain to the controller you want to replace (there may be lines for ata_piix, for example). Remove the lines pertaining to your old SCSI adapter.

Lsi logic scsi

I recently used VMware Standalone Converter and converted a couple of XP machines we had and then created a new VM with Virtualbox and added the VMDX's too each one. XP boots up and then Windows ask for me to activate again, which is no big deal since I have to do that everytime this happens. I usually run a Windows XP repair and then I am good to activate again. However, getting to the Windows XP repair has been the hard part. With VM Workstation it isn't a big deal because I can use their SCSI driver so the VM sees the Windows installation. However, with Virtualbox they do not have their own driver. I have downloaded the Intel RAID driver they suggest but it doesn't seem to see my Windows installation only the partition.

Does anyone know of a floppy driver I can download that I can use on my XP repair so it will see my Windows installation?

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