Viewport Rendering Issues, Views Are Just Blank White


So to fix this little issue you need to open 'Render view' and where is 'Render' take away the click from the checkbox of 'Render selected objects only'. For me it worked great, hope that for you too.

When I first opened it, it didn’t have any issues. But in another file (included below), I copied the screw, and pasted it into a new file, and then I immediately got white in one of the viewports.

Viewport Rendering Issues, Views Are Just Blank White

When I switched back to tryThisOne.3dm, it also started showing the white view ports again. Samsung sw 248f driver for mac. /min-ph-ti-v-nikon-d810a-camera-firmware-for-mac/. There are two different issues here.

Jeff found a malformed Untitled.3dm lurking inside the Rhinoceros application. This file is no longer used, and also has some bad viewport positioning information in it. The new UI pays attention to the viewport positions stored in the 3DM file, while the previous UI versions did not. That’s why three of the viewports have no label - there is no viewport at all in that quadrant. Pay no attention to that file. It will be gone in a future WIP release. Paige’s problem is different and likely the GPU is running out of graphics memory.

To get speed, Rhino uses a lot of memory and resources on the graphics chip. Blank viewports with labels looks like there is not enough graphics memory to keep copies of the viewport on the GPU chip. Hp pavilion dv5 cd rom drivers for mac.

Viewport Rendering Issues Views Are Just Blank White Screen

The GPU needs to share its memory with all the Rhino windows and with all the other applications running at the same time. Plus, I see that you have two displays. Everything displayed on the second display also needs graphics memory. So, things to try: Close other Rhino modeling windows except the one you are working on. Close other applications. Unplug the second monitor.

Viewport Rendering Issues Views Are Just Blank White Background

In Rhinoceros > Preferences > OpenGL, set Anti-aliasing to none. Try these things, perhaps one or more at a time, to see what makes a difference. Restart Rhino each time when testing. These are not meant to be final solutions, but to help test the graphics memory hypothesis, to see if that really is the problem. Ahh, yes, extra desktops would also strain the graphics memory usage. Rhino for Mac could have, but does not yet have, a fallback scheme when the computer runs out of graphics memory.

Viewport Rendering Issues Views Are Just Blank White Screen

This fallback would slow down drawing in Rhino, but at least the program would be usable. I just looked, and, these days you can get iMacs with 2GB or 4GB of graphics memory. That’s pretty amazing, and is plenty of graphics memory to have multiple displays and multiple desktops, and whatever else you want to load into the computer.

3ds Max:: Get A Black Screen In Perspective Viewport Aug 18, 2013 whenever I open my 3ds Max software I get a black screen in my perspective viewport. When I go to use another viewport that one either turns black as well or the program freezes. I have been using this software for the past month or so with no such problems. Now, out of the blue, this happens. I wasn't using any other programs while running 3ds Max, I never do--just incase.

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