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Switcher Media Manager is a desktop tool that works with the Switcher Studio app for iOS and Final Cut Pro X. With Switcher Media Manager, you can send a recorded composition from Switcher Studio to your. Enable playback and conversion of Windows Media content on your Mac! Switch is a fully licensed Windows Media playback tool for Mac and is able to convert Windows Media content into other formats compatible with your equipment.

Video Switcher Software For Mac Free

Description Switcher Studio - build your brand through better social video. Make video with your iPhone or iPad and a Switcher account - Edit while you shoot and switch between cameras, photos and video so you don't have to waste time later. No need to spend thousands of dollars on special gear. Stream live to YouTube and Facebook, capture 1080p or 4K TV quality video, or output video to a projector or external display. Simple interface makes it easy to look like a pro - which means better looking video, more engaged viewers and better results. Switcher Studio includes iOS video mixing app, desktop tools, cloud services and support.

**WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT SWITCHER STUDIO?** - Dynamic Media: Use the built-in camera on your iPhone or iPad and insert photos, graphics, and overlays in your video. Free internet explorer 5.5 download for mac. All you need is one device. - Stream and Record: In Director Mode you can stream live and record 1080 HD or 4K video from every camera. Magic mouse bare for mac.

- Split Screen & Picture-in-Picture: Show PowerPoints, Keynote Presentations, videos, documents, website and more by sharing you computer screen or iOS display and other apps via Switcher Cast (available for MAC, PC and iOS). - Using Switcher Studio you can also wirelessly sync up to 9 iPhones or iPads to use as cameras or tap into video from Switcher Go users to crowd source content and take advantage of advanced camera controls. **WANT TO STREAM LIVE?** - Easily broadcast live video with just a single tap using “Switcher Cloud Services” to sync your account with YouTube or Facebook Live.

Virtual video switcher for mac

- Want to stream to other services like Twitter, Vimeo, Ustream, YouNow, Twitch and more? Just enter your RTMP stream name and stream URL to start broadcasting. Resume free creative resume templates for mac.

- Run a SpeedTest to automatically configure streaming settings and manage live events in the app or from your online account. - Remotely manage streaming accounts from another location via “Switcher Cloud Services”. **ADVANCED OPTIONS** - Assign one iOS device as your 'main switcher.' Record on the main switcher only, or record on all cameras. You decide what's best. - Set the app to Broadcast LIVE without using storage on your device.

Never delete photos or apps again! - Output your program feed or the entire screen to your TV, a projector or an external monitor with HDMI output and AirPlay support. **MORE ABOUT SWITCHER STUDIO DIRECTOR MODE** Switcher Studio has added great new features that make the experience of recording and streaming high quality video with one or more iOS devices that much better. The new 'Director Mode' lets you capture 1080p HD or 4K quality content that meets professional broadcasting standards - all from your iPhone or iPad. With 'Director Mode', you can: - Assign fixed frame rates to your final composition. - Capture 1080p HD or 4K broadcast quality video from multiple angles using iOS devices.

- Manage advanced settings and record video at bitrates of up to 50MB. - Record only, or broadcast at any quality while simultaneously capturing in HD. - Preview the completed video on your device as soon as you stop recording. - Composite TV quality video directly on your iPhone or iPad and upload immediately. - Export your compositions to Apple Final Cut Pro X to make additional edits before publishing (special instructions available for exporting to other editing software). - Edit in FCPX knowing all your angles are automatically in sync and cuts/transitions made during production are still intact going into post-production by using “Switcher Media Manager” for MAC. **QUESTIONS/COMMENTS** Message Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Some features not available on older devices/versions of iOS.

Switcher Studio does not include streaming bandwidth, users must sync app with delivery platform such as FaceBook Live, YouTube LIVE, Periscope Producer, Ustream, YouNow, etc. To broadcast live video. APP FEATURES - In-app frame template - In-app editable titles - In-app lower third templates - Export projects to KineMaster - Export projects to CityProducer CLOUD SERVICES - All NEW Switcher dashboard - Improved account linking for Facebook DESKTOP TOOLS - Compatible with Windows 10 screen sharing SUPPORT - Improved Support Resources - New Referral Program Annual member exclusives: - All NEW “My Videos” library - Special discounts from select partners - Switcher Certificate Program (coming soon) • 3.3.2 Aug 28, 2017.

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