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Why Apple Could See 'Very Strong' Demand for the iPhone 8 Supply checks show that Apple's iPhone unit sales could jump 11% year-over-year in 2017, according to Mizuho analysts. Annie Palmer. Strong Demand for MacBook Pro Increases Apple's Notebook Market Share in Last Quarter. The performance was reportedly fueled by big demand for the MacBook Pro, said Cook, and Mac.

“I want to order the new Apple Quad-Core Mac Pro for my photography/videography business,” Alcaraz Research writes for Seeking Alpha. “Unfortunately, Apple Philippines said it is not yet available. The Apple Store sales representative also informed me that even though their website shows 5 to 6 weeks of estimated delivery time, it may take longer due to shortage of Mac Pro units.” “The short-supply of Mac Pro is worldwide, even U.S. Customers have to wait 5-6 weeks delivery,” Alcaraz Research writes. “This is just bad for Apple’s image of efficiency. If Steve Jobs was still alive, he would be throwing a tantrum.

As a graphic artist, I’m disappointed that, not only the Quad-Core Mac Pro $460 more expensive here in my country, I also have to wait more than 6 weeks for it.” “Apple’s Tim Cook deserves a reprimand for this shortage of the Mac Pro. The creative industry, which buys most of high-end Apple desktops and notebooks for the last 30 years, deserves better treatment from the company,” Alcaraz Research writes. “The shift to U.S. Manufacturing for the new Mac Pro should have improved delivery time, not cause a 6-week waiting time.” Read more in the full article.

MacDailyNews Take: As Apple ramps production, those shipping times could shrink. Here’s the key point – seems to me, anyway “The efficiencies of Apple when Steve Jobs was alive were basically a result of the work Tim Cook did” well, that doesn’t seem to be the way things work, much, anymore. I guess because cook has other fish to fry, so to speak.

This is a pattern that keeps repeating itself, along with promises of awesome products to come that are awfully slow in arriving. (the key to success is under-promise and over deliver, not by signalling great stuff to come and then being slow on clearing the holster) i am not a “fire tim cook” kinda person, but he is not impressing me much. There is no denying that the e- world has shifted post steve jobs. In a relatively short run mr. Apple produced a remarkable run of highly innovative and desirable products that left everyone else in the industry struggling to catch up. Well the worm has turned, they catch up quick now (mostly by copying or *ahem* emulating ( mr.

Apples copyrighting practices which they hoped would be a bulwark against outright copying and theft of intellectual property have not worked out so well, at least yet and have not stemmed the tide) and even get ahead briefly from time to time. So, tim better get his act in gear and show us he is up to the job. He might do well to heed the old dictum of professional writers “show, don’t tell”. There are obviously differences, but at the same time, Apple are still growing, they are having to produce ever increasing numbers of all their products.

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There were delays with products when Jobs was alive, who is to say that with the growth they’ve experienced and the new products they’re making that the same things wouldn’t have occurred had Jobs still been around. As superior as I think Apple still are, the competition from Android has no doubt increased in the last couple of years, the market is very different to when Jobs was around.

Very Strong Demand For Macros

I’m pretty sure that Jobs also made vague promises of new or great things to come AND he didn’t have to deal with the constant moaning about a lack of innovation. In my opinion most of these articles don’t really go any more in depth than just saying it wouldn’t happen with Jobs around, as if everything Apple ever did turned to gold and was 100% perfect back then. The problem is more the fact that it took so long in development that the pent up demand was more than ‘pentad up’. It would have taken an unsustainable production run to feed that need over too short a time so this was inevitable as a result though likely even bigger than expected. One wonders if Apple ever really planned to replace the Pro Macs as a range, if so that decision would have been under SJ’s leadership and this late production is a result of that original hesitation.

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