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It can't be said enough, 'open' is great. You can open documents in their GUI program and you can select the GUI program with -a as well. For example, open -a vlc movie.avi will open VLC and tell it to load movie.avi in your current dir.

List Of Shell Commands

This is a command line tutorial primarily conducted in in the OS X command line. Because of OSX’s unix heritage, much of the info here is also useful in other unix inspired systems, like the Linux command line. The command line can be a scary place when you first encounter it. When you read some. Compiled gpsbabel for mac. Many Mac OS X users won't have any need to use the Unix shell that underlies their graphical interface. Some will likely disdain the very idea, but for those adventurous enough to try it, a whole new world awaits. After you have set it up on your Mac, here are 8 useful FFmpeg commands for Mac: We’ll take this one step at a time, starting from the simplest things that you can do with FFmpeg commands, and going up to some of the niche things that can be accomplished using the utility. Many Mac OS X users won't have any need to use the Unix shell that underlies their graphical interface. Some will likely disdain the very idea, but for those adventurous enough to try it.

Open movie.avi would open it with whatever program is the default. If you just want to open a program, you can do that too: open -a system preferences will run System Preferences. You can open Urls too: open vnc://myserver:5900 will open Screen Sharing and connect to myserver. Check out man open to see all flags you can use. Lsof list open files Handy when you want to eject your USB drive and are told that it is in use and to please quit all applications and try again.

$ sudo lsof /Volumes/CLINTON COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME bash 55966 clinton cwd DIR 4 2 /Volumes/CLINTON lsof 56042 root cwd DIR 4 2 /Volumes/CLINTON lsof 56043 root cwd DIR 4 2 /Volumes/CLINTON In this instance, I had cded onto the drive and so bash was accessing the volume. Note that if you see 'mds' entries, it means that spotlight is indexing the drive.

This article was first written in late 2002. Since then, more than a few things have changed.

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For one thing, Apple apparently saw the light and stopped using tcsh as their default shell, so if you've bought a newer Mac, your Terminal will use Bash automatically. They've also moved to Intel chips. I bought a, and sold the iBook to someone on eBay.


The use of Intel chips allows virtualization of x86 operating systems through products like. That lets me run Linux and Windows as guest OSes.

You can do that with the Motorola chips too, but it requires emulation, which makes it much slower. There are some disquieting aspects to the Intel change. As I write this, Apple is yet to release kernel source for the Intel version (Mac OS X uses a Darwin core that has been open source until now). While they have yet to say that they are NOT going to release it, the suspicion is that they are holding back from fear of clones on ordinary Intel hardware. That could be very dangerous to Apple's sales, but the threat may not be as great as it might seem: Apple controls the hardware very tightly and their OS code can be strongly slanted toward Apple designs. There are also large parts of Mac OS X that cannot be legally copied.

It might even be good for Apple if there were Intel clones running an inferior rake-off based on Darwin code. There have been many other changes too, including more work in the way daemons are started and controlled. And we can't forget all the patches and bug fixes.

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