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Vmware virtual usb ccid
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Hello Everyone, I'm currently attempting to develop a very simple USB CCID Smart Card Reader driver for windows and I'm somewhat lost! I have a USB device prototype which acts as a storage device and smart card reader combined. The USB CCID specification published by the USB Workgroup aims to normalize USB smartcard readers, in order to have a single driver (supplied once for all with the operating system) for virtually any reader from any manufacturer.

Readme for the Mac OS X Tiger PC/SC CCID class driver GemCCID Smart Card Reader Driver For Mac OS X 10.4.x Version July 2005 Caution This Readme file is specifically written for the above mentioned driver version. Contents 1 Release Notes 2 License 3 Operating System / Target 4 Pre-Requisites 5 Installation 6 Troubleshooting 7 Support 1.

Release Notes Version This driver is specifically designed for the Gemalto CCID Smart card Reader. Interface Class: 0x0B Interface SubClass: 0x00 Interface Protocol: 0x00 2. License The GemCCID driver is distributed under LGPL License. This license is described in the License file included in the installation package. Operating System / Target The CCID Smartcard Reader's driver has been designed to run only under Mac OS X 10.4.x ( 32 Bits Version Only ). The driver has been compiled for working under G3, G4 and G5 processors.

Pre-Requisites 4.1 PC/SC lite The PC/SC lite of Mac OS X must be installed and activated. The Mac OS X 10.4.x already integrates a PC/SC Lite layer version 1.1.2.

Vmware Virtual Usb Ccid

According to Q&A 1359 ( ), Apple does not recommend to upgrade the PC/SC Lite installed with Mac OS X. Aa road map great britain 4.2 USB Library The GemCCID driver cannot run without an external library named 'libusb'.

The library 'libusb' must be installed on the system. Gemalto provides an installation package for this library. 'libusb' is a library which allows access to USB devices. The official ftp site is.

The official web site is: A mailing list is located at: 5. Governor of poker 2 premium edition ub, with parallels desktop for mac. Installation 5.1 Package Files Gemalto provides installation packages in order to install the GemPCUSB driver and the USB library. The packages are: -GemCCID.pkg -libusb-10.4.pkg You need to install both packages ( GemCCID and libusb ) by running them. We recommend to install first 'libusb-10.4.pkg' then 'GemCCID.pkg'. Remark The 'libusb-10.4.pkg' do some checking before copying any files on the system. 5.2 Verify Install Once the packages installed, you do not need to restart the system. Plug a Gemalto CCID Reader ( e.g GemPCUSB ) the LED on the reader start blinking.

Then insert a Smartcard in the reader. The flashing device LED goes solid. If the LED still blinking, please check that the Smartcard has been inserted correctly and if the PC/SC Daemon is running. Install brew for mac. Troubleshooting If the reader is not detected by the operating system, please check the version of your PC/SC Lite. You can get this information with a shell command.

Open a shell session and run the command: pcscd -v The resource manager version must be 1.1.2.

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