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The icon will have the same name as the DMG, and you’ll be able to browse through its contents like any other folder. Do this by opening the Finder and clicking the eject icon next to the virtual drive’s icon. Once you are done working with the contents of the file, you will want to remove or “unmount” it from your system. /free-dmg-files-for-mac/.

With over 11,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and widely recognized as one of the best Apple Lightning cable replacements out there, the Premium lightning to USB cable from Anker is a necessity to have if you're looking for accessories for your iPad Mini 4. The current iMac and Macbook range feature a cool brushed aluminium that is both simple and elegant. The problem with this is that it isn’t very unique. Today’s post is going to list some amazing and interesting accessories such as decals, cases, and little gadgets that make your Mac stand out. Find cases and screen protectors for your Mac against water, dust and shock. Shop protective covers today. Buy online with fast, free shipping. And like any gadget worth getting giddy about, there's a mass of Apple Watch accessories Tech for your connected self. With rugged, hand-finished stitching giving the strap a unique look. Welcome to the leather workshop Geometric goods, the place where all lovers of Apple products, will find unique, beautiful and hight quality leather accessories for their gadgets.

If you have an Apple device, then you likely already know that the bevy of accessories available to you can truly enhance the user experience. Whether it’s an or, choices are abundant, and those with real functional value are probably the ones that will have the most lasting impact. Each product in this list falls well into that category. With Apple having announced some new, updated products, the benefit in not changing form factors for the new iPhone and iPad is that existing cases and accessories will fit and work without having to adjust anything. Mophie Juick Pack Helium Battery Case With a 1700mAh battery onboard this case, the is a perfect remedy for anxiety over daily battery life. You can trigger the case to charge up the phone when you need it. When charging both, the Helium has pass-through so that it charges the phone’s battery first.


Lightweight and with a pretty thin profile, your iPhone will still be pocket-friendly. Insignia Lightning Cables Not all Lightning cables are created with equal length.

The standard issue cable that comes with an iOS device is about 3.5-feet long, but there are both shorter and longer sizes available under the Insignia brand. One is as short as a mere, while another is as long as. Looking for something in the middle? There’s a that could fit the bill. All Insignia cables are Apple MFI certified so you know they have passed strict certification guidelines set out by Apple. Kenu Airframe Vent Mount The Kenu Airframe is a pretty standard product.

Clip it onto a vent in your vehicle’s dashboard, slot in your iPhone and you have a mounted solution. The spring loaded jaw doesn’t open up very wide, so this is only for the iPhone 5s/5c/5/SE or smaller (like the 4S, if you’re still using one). Larger iPhones won’t fit here. The clip, however, does rotate, so it will work with any type of car vent. Subtitle monster for mac

This also lets you orient the phone in landscape, if you prefer to view it that way. Free full games for mac. Otterbox Commuter Case Protecting an expensive phone should be a top priority, if only to avoid the hassle of repair or replacement. The from Otterbox isn’t really flashy, but it has a good combination of being rugged and pocket-friendly. Zagg InvisibleShield Glass screen protector Speaking of screen protectors, the is basically tempered glass that can add a serious layer of protection to your iPhone screen. It may not be fully bulletproof, but it has been designed to be tough, yet transparent enough not to mute the brightness or colours from the phone’s display. Kate Spade case For those who want to add a little flair and style to the iPhone, the might fit the bill. This is made of a rubberized material that can help protect the phone from scratches, blemishes and dents, but is not what can be considered rugged.

Case-Mate Naked Tough If Kate Spade isn’t quite your thing, the is a similar type of case, as far as materials go, except it is fully transparent to show the iPhone’s colour. It has an outer shell and a bumper to act as a shock absorber for accidental falls. Not the most rugged case, but lightweight, thin and clear for easy handling and storage. Speck CandyShell The is arguably Speck’s most popular line of cases, and one of the reasons may be their reliability. Here is a hard shell that is flexible enough to feel like something more malleable.

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