Ultrasoundguided Nerve Blocks On Dvd Version 2.0


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Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD: Upper Limbs, Second Edition For MAC One of the longstanding challenges to effective nerve blockade has been precise needle placement without visualization. Ultrasound guidance has been shown to reduce guesswork and improve accuracy and effectiveness in nerve blockade. Now in its Second Edition, this interactive DVD combines synchronized video and 3-D animation to promote optimal technique in ultrasound localization of the nerve, needle placement, needle advancement, and anesthetic application. A fully interactive simulator lets you perform real-time virtual ultrasound blocks in 3-D and provides instant feedback on correct and incorrect placement to help improve your technique! * Systematic presentation covers relevant anatomy, indications, materials, patient positioning, puncture site, common techniques, alternative approaches, risks, and complications for each procedure. * Detailed content for each procedure includes 3-D animation, with voice-over narration and critical teaching points. * 3-D animation sequences let users visualize techniques in action, identify key anatomic features, minimize errors, and improve accuracy.

Download phone rescue for ios. The greater occipital nerve (GON) block has been frequently used for different types of headache, but performed with rough estimates of anatomic landmarks. Our study presents the values of the anatomic parameters and estimates the effectiveness of the ultrasound-guided GON blockade. Alain Delbos is the author of Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks on DVD Version 2 (0.0 avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published 2013), Ultrasound-Guided N.

* Interactive simulator lets users place blocks in 3-D anatomical models and provides instant feedback on correct and incorrect placement. * Zoom capabilities allow close-up inspection of important areas. Office for mac torrent

Upper Limb Blocks included on this DVD.* Interscalene * Supraclavicular * Infraclavicular * Axillary * Median Elbow * Radial Elbow * Median Forearm * Ulnar Forearm * Axillary (circumflex) nerve block * Suprascapular nerve block This product is supported on Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.8 and is not compatible with versions 10.9 and higher.

Methods The GON was detected using ultrasound technique and distance from external occipital protuberance (EOP) to GON, from GON to occipital artery and depth from skin to GON was measured in volunteers. Patients with occipital headache were divided into two groups (ultrasound-guided block: group S, conventional blind block: group B) and GON block was performed. The same parameters were measured on group S and VAS scores were assessed at pretreatment, 1 week and 4 weeks after treatment on both groups.

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Introduction The greater occipital nerve (GON), which derives most of its fibers from the C2 dorsal root, is the main sensory nerve of the occipital area []. The GON is adjacent to the occipital artery and can be located by palpating for this artery.

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