U3 Cruzer Micro Usb Drivers For Mac


I have a SanDisk Cruser mini 1.0 GB flash drive that worked fine only once. Now i don't know what happend to it. It has stopped working. Easycap capture 4 channel usb dvr drivers for mac. When I plug it into any computer a the light on the flash drive turns on and the drive gets detected and a drive letter also gets assigined. When i click on it the system hags for very long period and then shows a mesage something like 'semsphore lock timed out', i tried to format it from DOS window of XP, i got the message 'Track Zero' bad. Is there a way to fix my drive?

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Open Cruzer Micro

Ravi Shankar. The error I was getting was that the drive came up and was assigned a letter, but when I clicked to open it windows said to insert a disk in the drive. When I went to disk management the only option was to partition the drive, the partition wizard came up and did its thing. I have just stuck my mini back in the USB and gone to disk management, when it comes up the only option I have by right clicking is to format, it sounds as tho your mini has not lost its partition, try formatting in disk management. Don't bother trying Sandisk's website - it's got one of the most pathetic tech support pages ever. Aqw hacks for mac. I accidently wiped out the partition on my Cruzer Micro, and windows could not access or format it, and there is literally nothing on Sandisk's web site to help.

Jun 05, 2010  Question: Q: SanDisk U3 Cruzer Micro 4GB, Cant create a Mac compatible partition. I have got a 4 GB SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive which I was using with PC. It used to have 2 partitions, One for U3 driver and Other one for data.

But I found a nifty little program by HP that will not only reformat a flash drive, it can even make it bootable (if your mobo supports booting from a removable USB drive). It's small (356K) and very easy to use. I can't seem to find it on HP's website, hjowever, but if you Google this file name: HPUSBF_GUIversion.zip you will get the site that I downloaded it from (in a thread on another site about this same problem). It worked beautifully for me. Good Luck!:slurp. New scandisk problem! I don't know where to ask for help, so I figure some or one might help me solve my problem I had a flash drive: Scandisk Mini Cruzer 512MB.


My problem is I erased the driver, just the driver but not the volume itself. To be more specific there are the two drivers appear when you go the Utilities then Disk Utility. In the diskc utility the first driver will appear--other than the two driver, which is the Hard Drive and the HD Macintosh. Below that two is Flash Drive and the driver, it's colored white that when you put your Flash Drive onto your computer it will appear on the desktop and Finder as well. So, here's my problem. I erased the volume, the drive that appears on the desktop and when I put my flash Drive in other computer other than Mac, PC Windows at school. And when I try to open it a window appears that says: The disk is not formated.

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