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TurningPoint Cloud for Mac The Learning Center TurningPoint Cloud for Mac The Learning Center 8 9 Please Note - You have many options available for questions on polling slides. The following chart shows which types of questions work with wireless clickers, which types work with Powerpoint,. Most Popular New Releases. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac Best. TurningPoint student app allows students to respond to interactive. Surrealism 19171950 on flowvella.

WorkSpace for PC and Mac includes a trial mode with all features and WorkSpace Connect enabled for 45 days. To use WorkSpace after the trial expires, you must connect to a Turning Technologies interactive whiteboard or have a unique product license key. In addition, clients who purchased an interactive whiteboard prior to January 1st, 2016, will be required to purchase a license key after their 45-day trial expires. IMPORTANT: If you install WorkSpace Mac v7, you cannot install prior WorkSpace Mac versions. Touch Board users will need to run Windows 7, 8, or 10 to benefit from multi-touch gesturing.

Turning Technologies released an update today for TurningPoint Cloud to support Microsoft Office 2016 Mac v15.25. Clients with this version of Microsoft Office were experiencing issues with TurningPoint’s PowerPoint Polling environment.

Turningpoint Released For Macbeth

This update resolves the previous issues to allow for a seamless experience with PowerPoint Polling. To download the latest version, open TurningPoint Cloud and sign in. Click the TurningPoint logo at the bottom of the dashboard. In the popup window, click Check For Updates and click Install Update.

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We thank you for your patience. Please review full documentation for more information. My name is Jennifer L. Adams and I'm here to think about the future of higher education.

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Turningpoint Released For Mac

Due to my natural proclivities, these thoughts often revolve around technology, but not exclusively. One of the issues that has long had my interest is inspiration; how to have it and how to communicate it. That is why when I was a student leader on campus as an undergraduate, the club that I was president of went on trips like white water rapids, hang gliding, paragliding and skydiving; and why now as an professional, I have brought TED to the whole SBU community. I hope that you find my ponderings informative - and maybe inspiring too!

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