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Basic Troubleshooting Tips for eDirectory on Linux Novell eDirectory is a powerful directory service, and one of its nicest features is that it is very cross platform. It pretty much runs on most major server operating systems. Troubleshooting tips for building on Mac iOS/OSX Gotchas: Troubleshooting Tips for Building on a Mac. There are a few relativley common issues when building a Cordova app on OSX related to permissions that are worth noting.


OS X is resilient. Its UNIX underpinnings are mature, tested, and — more importantly — stable. Xerox 3635mfp drivers for mac.

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It's a modern OS that's as flexible as it is powerful, limited only by the end users operating the system. But that doesn't mean that it's not susceptible to errors, lock-ups, or other productivity-halting behaviors. In fact, given that many Mac users tend to put their devices to sleep rather than power them off while not in use, most errors can be resolved with a simple reboot. Ereflect releases 7 speed reading for mac.

However, for those times when a reboot doesn't cut it (or perhaps exacerbates the problem), knowing some basic troubleshooting commands might make all the difference between getting your Mac up and running right away or scheduling an appointment at the Genius Bar or your friendly neighborhood IT pro. Let's review 10 troubleshooting tips to help correct common OS X boot and performance issues. Clearing the PRAM. Symptoms: Boot issues, such as slow to start or halted startup. Causes: PRAM is non-volatile memory used by the Apple computers to store configuration information.

However, certain changes might remain stagnant in residual memory which can lead to bizarre behavior(s). Solution: Power off your computer. Then power the device on while simultaneously holding down the [command]+[option]+[P]+[R] keys.

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You should hear the Apple chime before the computer reboots. Continue holding the keys down until you hear the second Apple chime to clear the PRAM. Disable extensions on boot. Symptoms: Apple computer does not boot or start up to the desktop. Causes: When extensions prevent a computer from booting, it's frequently due to an application that was installed or a login app that's causing the lockup. Solution: Power on or restart the computer while holding down the [shift] key.

Continue to hold down the key to disable extensions and login items from loading during the boot process. From a desktop with extensions disabled, 'safe mode' will allow the end user to remove the offending app and boot normally. Boot menu Symptoms: Can't boot the computer using external media or an optical drive. Causes: Perhaps the end user needs to perform a clean install of OS X or would like to boot from an installation stored on an external hard drive. Solution: Power on or reboot the computer while holding down the [option] key. The boot process will halt and bring up the menu selection that lists all the bootable devices connected to that computer.

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