Trouble Signing Into Site With 1password For Mac


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Starbucks recently changed their login process. Now you have to wait for a popup screen (sometimes as long as 5 minutes!). The nice part is, you don’t even need to open your browser anymore. I've been having trouble logging into (and using 1Password browser extension on Mac OS X, and it's been driving me nuts! Then I discovered this old thread, seems this is (still) a known problem.

I love free Wifi. Except when we can’t get on. Sometimes their default login page stubbornly refuses to appear. Your friends will tell you, “Oh, just type in, or any site and the page will pop up.” Except that doesn’t always work. Paragon ntfs 15.5.26 for mac. And restarting your browser works about 80% of the time. It’s that one time you really need to get online that the login page refuses to load, right?

I have a simple trick that works on any browser for getting online. Use localhost. Localhost is sort of a default IP address for your computer.

[] It’s easy to access it. Just type in That’s one-two-seven-dot-zero-dot-zero-dot-one. Ricoh aficio 1027 pcl 6 drivers for mac. On some machines, using will work just as well. On FreeBSD and some Macs, the default mapping is for reasons too technical for my feeble brain to grasp. On newer machines, you can also simply type and it will change it to the numeric values. The main thing is, this always calls up the login page in a Wifi environment (not just Starbucks; use it anywhere Wifi is being finicky).


The Starbucks iOS app just updated. After the update I logged out and back in. Pasting the password from 1Password still doesn't work, however after trying, I then inserted a single space after the password that was pasted and then backspaced to delete it, and the login worked, so it apparently is looking for the act of typing at least one character in the password field and it works after that now. Still a workaround, but better than typing it in manually. IPhone 6, latest iOS 9.2, Starbucks app 3.3.6. I'm pretty sure I saw the Starbucks iOS app mentioned several times earlier (and I also have the website issue where filling doesn't work, which seems to still be there also--support replied with the really helpful information of how complex my password is required to be, but apparently didn't actually read my email), but I'll admit I didn't get a chance to read every last post in this thread, sorry if it's off-topic. I will remove the app, reboot the phone, and try again to see if it works now.

If not I'll start another thread or try to find a more appropriate one. Hi, It's no problem at all - there are quite a lot of posts in this thread by now (we don't expect you to have read every single one), and you're right, others here have also mentioned having trouble with the Starbucks iOS app. Plus, the title of this discussion is 'Problem with Starbucks' which isn't very specific! I'll update it after replying to help clear up confusion for others who might come across this thread. If you're having trouble using the 1Password for iOS app with the Starbucks iOS app, please feel free to start a new discussion in our. Although, if the problem is actually pasting text into the Starbucks app / password field in general, and not specifically just when copying/pasting from 1Password, it sounds like an issue with the Starbucks app.

This entry was posted on 19.05.2016.