Top 7 Alternatives To Windirstat For Mac

  1. What Is Windirstat

WinDirStat by Seifert is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use disk space usage analysis utilities available on the market. If you're looking for an alternative, as there no version of WinDirStat for Mac, you are just in the right place. Send messages and make free calls from your PC. LINE is an instant messaging application and VoIP platform that lets you send messages and make free voice and video calls, and it has a Windows client so that you can do all it all from your PC. Acer aod270 drivers for mac.


When we talk about disk analyzer tools, WinDirStat cannot be skipped. It has gained the popularity of the best in the industry over the years. However, in the long run, if you get irritated by slow tools, then this is not the best option.

It has no option to port unless you have installed it. Another huge disadvantage of using this is that you cannot save the scan results. This is the reason why people have started looking WinDirStat alternatives. First aid guide. If you too are one amongst them, then read the blog further and find the best alternatives to WinDirStat!

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Best WinDirStat Alternatives 1. Disk Analyzer Pro This holds the topmost position in the list of WinDirStat alternatives. The reason behind this is the efficiency of this tool with which makes managing disk space quite easy.

Disk Analyzer Pro scans and finds zero-byte files (computer files containing no data that still occupy disk space), temporary Internet files, junk files, compressed files, etc., swiftly. Once you are aware of size and location of these, you can organize or get rid of them. Also, you need not worry about its compatibility with your operating system because this goes along with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. Features • You can easily find and delete unwanted, temporary and junk files. • It helps you find and locate oldest and largest files/folders. • In case you need to know about type, size, ownership or when the files were last modified, there is no better tool than Disk Analyzer Pro. SpaceSniffer This is a Freeware and portable tool which helps in organizing the disk space.

It uses concept of Treemap to view available space on disk. The best part about this is that it leaves your current registry unaffected. There is no setup file just Zip file which you can extract anywhere you wish to!

Features • It has drag and drop support. • SpaceSniffer is equipped with powerful filtering and customization options as well. • Also, it fast scans your hard disk which saves a lot of time. TreeSize Treesize has a secure position in the list of the WinDirStat alternatives. Using Treemap, it assesses the disk space and tells you where the disk space has been consumed.

It’s a freeware that works on Master File Table to reach high scanning speed. It has two versions, that is free and paid. You can opt for paid version if you wish to unlock pro features. Features • It is small in space, fast and secure to use. • Produces quick results so that you can analyze things yourself.

• You can filter preview and data protection is guaranteed. Read this to know about what VPN is, why it should be used on your iPhone or iPad and how. 4. Disk Recon It is a disk space utility which unveils all the information you need to know about space utilization in your disk. With this, finding large files and folders, unused files which are consuming space, and duplicate files is as easy as snapping fingers. It is user-friendly and equally useful for IT professionals and common people! Features • It supports Unicode file and folder names. • It has shell integration.

• Even the local drivers and network drivers can be scanned. 5. WizTree It claims to be the best alternative to WinDirStat.

What Is Windirstat

This can easily scan your hard disk and where your disk space. If you have knowledge about which directories and subdirectories are consuming your file, then you can efficiently manage them! Also, it is available in several languages.

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