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Is there really a viable Microsoft Project alternative for project scheduling software to create project plans and timing plans? Find out with our newly updated article for 2018 which provides a cheaper pay as you go version of, some great new MS Project alternatives and a downloadable how-to guide for choosing a Microsoft Project alternative for your project schedules. If your company is feeling the pinch, your request to purchase a shiny new copy of Microsoft Project might elicit a response that goes something like; “.surely there is a free Microsoft Project alternative out there that can do the job, isn’t there?” You respond something like, “Umm, well, maybe”.

And that’s the point of this article. For those of you who are on the hunt for a alternative, you’ve come to the right place.


Free photo apps for windows 10. For a lot of agencies, the default project management tool for creating project plans is still Microsoft Project. If we’re really honest, though, for most of the digital projects that we manage, Microsoft Project does far more than we ever need it for – it’s got stacks of features that most people never use, hasn’t really changed that much in 30 years, and doesn’t necessarily do much to streamline process within project management. So are there any real Microsoft Project alternatives – paid, or even better, for free – that are worth using? Wait a minute though Before looking for Microsoft Project alternatives, did you know that the real deal is actually not that expensive?

Why would you use Microsoft Project? For starters, Microsoft Project is not just a fuzzy old tool that Microsoft doesn’t really care about—they’re introducing some really smart with Power BI, Internet of Things, bots and machine learning that are awesome. How much does Microsoft Project cost? It’s simple and affordable to.

In fact, now you can pick up a copy of Microsoft Project on There’s also been an interesting shift in the Microsoft Project alternative world with pricing that it’s worth being aware of. The cloud-based, online Microsoft Project alternatives are now almost all charging by the user— rather than by the number of projects—which is making MS Project alternatives on average cost about $180/user/year; much more expensive than they used to be. They’re also nearly all transitioning from being simple Gantt chart tools to trying to include project, task and resource management tools. In short, making your choice of an MS Project alternative is becoming more complex.

Cncf webinar series kubernetes in docker for mac. What is Microsoft Project used for? MS Project is a project management tool used by different types of users, who have different levels of access. The software provides tables, views, filters, fields, calendars, and a database for doing things like: • Developing project plans • Assigning resources • Tracking time & progress • Creating Gantt charts • Creating & managing budgets • Balancing workloads • Scheduling tasks & resources • Creating graphical reports • Storing project data in a shared database Best Microsoft Project Alternatives For Project Scheduling Software. In this review of Microsoft Project alternatives, we break down the features, pricing, pros & cons of the following tools: • GanttPRO – • Celoxis – • Clarizen – • Wrike – • Smartsheet – • ProjectLibre – • Tom’s Planner – • Omniplan – • Merlin Project 5 – • Team Gantt – Project Scheduling Software Selection Criteria (For A Microsoft Project Alternative) We’re project managers, right, so let’s first define the requirements. We need to properly define what our alternative needs to do. There are loads of project scheduling software alternatives out there, many of which do all kinds of things that we, as digital project managers will never make use of, so what do we actually use it for? GanttPRO – GanttPRO is online Gantt chart software with lots of useful features.

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