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Log in or register to. Here is a nice alternative to foobar for Mac users Teddy Ray. If you want to free download the alternative to Foobar2000 for Mac. Best iTunes Alternatives 2018 1. TunesGo is one of the best alternatives to iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It easily transfers and manages your iPhone, iPad and iPod data on any PC or Mac.

There are many positives to owning an iPad, iPhone, or iPod, but there are also a few downsides. For many people, having to battle with iTunes is a major negative there are alternatives. Whether you're using iTunes to listen to music on your computer, or you're simply using it to keep your music collections synchronized with your Apple device, there are plenty of free alternatives to choose from. Here we take a look at five such tools – and the great news is that most of them are completely free. In some instances you may have to pay to unlock some advanced features, but for the most part they're completely free.

If you're tired of iTunes, read on to see what other options are available. A feature-packed music player and manager – the best iTunes alternative First, has one important caveat: at the time of writing, it's only available for Windows. There are two versions: the regular desktop software, and a portable app that doesn't have to be installed. MusicBee is more than just a music player; it gives you the changes to better organize and manage your music collection. It will import your existing iTunes library to get you started, but you can also specify other folders to include. In terms of looks, it is not entirely dissimilar to iTunes, but it's also highly customizable – both in terms of screen layout, and through the use of skins. Sound levels can be tweaked using a 15-band equalizer, and you can also sync your music with mobile devices.

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MusicBee does a great job of keeping your music collection in order, helping your my automatically tagging files, offering ripping support, and pulling in all manner of helpful data such as album art and track lyrics. There is also a pleasing collection of add-ons to download from the MusicBee website to further extend the capabilities of the program – such as with extra audio tweaking options, network device support, and a host of visualizations. Review and where to download: 2. Keep even the biggest music libraries in check, and sync with all your devices can be used as a near-complete replacement for iTunes; you can even use it to sync music to your iPod or iPhone if you keep iTunes installed (although there's no reason to ever fire it up). Like MusicBee, the program can be installed in the usual way, or as a portable app if you would like to move it from computer to computer with a USB drive. The interface isn't super-attractive, but when it comes to managing a large music library, the program does an excellent job. Tagging is handled well, and the skinnable, customizable interface will keep most people happy.

I have an IBM SCSI Internal Hard Drive that I use on a MAC running OS 9. My computer can no longer read the hard drive. Whenever I boot up the computer it will crash if the hard drive is installed. They all have an internal SCSI cable and power cable that's compatible with older Mac SCSI-1 hard drives. We test the power supplies on these and can run a hard drive to test the SCSI cable. That's the limit of our testing. The USBXchange is used to connect a USB hard drive to your old Mac. After installing the drivers, you connect the USBXchange to the SCSI port of the old Mac, and then connect the hard drive to the. Empires Find great deals on eBay for mac scsi hard drive. Shop with confidence.

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If you decide to level up and upgrade to the paid-for Gold version of MediaMonkey (£52.82, US$59.94, AU$85.04 for a lifetime license) you'll benefit from improved performance when ripping, automatic background library updates, and other extra features such as auto-playlists. For most people, however, the free version should be more than enough. Download here. A streamlined, minimalist approach to music management for Apple devices has a very particular approach to replacing iTunes, and it does not do so by trying to replicate all of the features of Apple's software. In fact, it keeps everything very minimal.

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The sleek interface focuses on making it easy to copy music between your computer and iPhone or iPod. It's available for both PC and Mac, and the aim is to make everyday management as quick and simple as possible. It may not serve as a complete iTunes replacement, but it certainly goes some of the way and it worth checking out. You might also want to consider upgrading to (£27.99, $29.99, AU$42.35) or (£34.99, US$39.99, AU$56.47), as these allow for greater flexibility when it comes to two-way file synchronization and far better phone management options. But if you're just looking for the basics, there's nothing wrong in starting out with the free version of PodTrans.

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