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Times Reader for the Mac is a native Cocoa application, which uses the Safari toolkit and Silverlight to render the pages. The search function on the Mac version is more robust than on the PC. Image via Wikipediathe new York occasions nowadays launched a beta model of its occasions Reader for the Mac extra: persevered right here related articles Coalition of the keen to Be Paid [via Zemanta] instances Reader Beta now available [via Zemanta] Squeaky Wheel. Download Times Reader Beta 2.0. Read the New York Times on your Mac desktop.

Today our beta version of Times Reader for the Mac becomes available. The beta is free for all registered members of NYTimes.com to download and try. Suasticas and their history alive.

For hardware and software requirements and other questions check. For a description of the program read our. Please note that Times Reader for the Mac uses the Silverlight plugin. The installation process will prompt you to install Silverlight if you do not already have it on your computer. We hope you enjoy the enhanced reading experience and the ability to read The Times while offline.

The Mac client now comes with the ability to easily add contacts from your Mac or other address books, as well as the ability to verify your mobile number so people can more easily find your Skype profile. Updated skype for mac. There is also one known issue with this build that when switching to a conversation with a large group there can be a noticeable drop in performance. There was also some bug fixing that took care of an issue which was causing Skype to crash on quit.

We encourage you to send us your feedback at. Rob Larson Vice President, Digital Production, NYTimes.com Update: May 12, 2009: is now available. I, for one, thank you for the Mac version. /ati-radeon-x1650-pcie-drivers-for-mac/. I think you could’ve done better than Silverlight, but you made the best choice you could given the information you had, I assume. To a previous commenter, Silverlight absolutely does so work in Safari. Easeus data recovery crack for mac.

Couple of beta suggestions: 1. Better fonts for the smaller font sizes. It looks blurry on my beautiful 15″ MBP screen. Let me resize the window how I want to resize it – not the 3 pre-designated sizes you’ve selected.

Anyway, hope these comments are helpful. Thanks again – I know this is a beginning and not an end – and I’m sure it will get better! The resizing of the window is now very intuitive.


When you see something like that in the lower corner, you think you should be able to drag it. Only after I read the last post did I realize you had to do something different, but it still took me a few tries figure I needed to press on it. And it was still confusing. You should also be able to set the various sizes from the window menu.

But on a larger basis, I’m not sure what the advantage of this (particularly to make it worth paying for) is over the website beyond being able to read it offline after downloading it (and even then if you’re going to be offline for a bit, you could just open up several articles in tabs or use your iPhone). Why do the Home and Section pages have vertical column separators but the actual articles don’t have any? This seems to be incorrect to me. The Home and Section pages don’t have bars when there is a multi-column photo – why? Why can’t I utilize the full screen on my laptop – I appear to be limited to making the maximum window size to be 1185×768 – on my Macbook Pro, which has a 1440×900 screen, I should be able to go to 1440×840. You allow the font size to be adjusted on the article pages, but not the Section pages nor the Home page – why?

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