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In which all our favourite RPG maker horror game characters fight to the death for our amusement! Made using a Hunger Games simulator. ♥ 3 15 0 reads by 195 readers. The Mirror Lied, an indie game made with RPG Maker XP. Get downloads, images and news!

/ / The mirror lied rpg maker The mirror lied rpg maker Name: The mirror lied rpg maker File size: 968mb Language: English Rating: 4/10 A birdie flew across the roof yesterday. He said he'll fly over again today. But he landed on water. Are you here yet?


10 Oct The Mirror Lied, an indie game made with RPG Maker XP. Get downloads, images and news!

Thanks for downloading The Mirror Lied This download is hosted on another server other than, please click the button below start the download. Karbonn a21 driver for mac. 27 Jan - 36 min - Uploaded by Vaeka The Mirror Lied is a short RPG Maker game from the developer of To The Moon, with a.

16 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by Jammed Gears Hey guys! This is a port for a free game by Freebird Games, the creators of To The Moon.

4 Jan - 27 min - Uploaded by ComedicEinstein Game. The Mirror Lied - (YouTube Gaming) How to install RPG maker games(example. The Mirror Lied is a game created by Kan Gao (who also was behind Nothing Is Scarier: While the creator of the game says on its page that it is not a horror.

The Mirror Lied is a masterclass in creating atmosphere and tension. Presented in top-down s Super Nintendo RPG style, you control Leah, after she wakes. 20 Feb The Mirror Lied is a short RPG maker game created by Kan Gao of Freebird Games.

Other games created by Freebird Games include To The. 29 Sep The Mirror Lied released on Desura a renovated version of an old game of ours, The Mirror Lied, is now re-released.

RPG Maker XP. So in short: The game has no meaning at all? Thank goodness, it really felt like I was missing something very important. First I thought, that the.

16 Apr I am an admin of an italian facebook fanpage of horror rpg games ^^ I really I think I saw an interview with the creator of the game, and he was just like: well, i saw a post on tumblr about the mirror lied, its like a Q&A so the. Playstation remote play for mac. The Mirror Lied - Full Game Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 and Ending (No The Mirror Lied is a short RPG Maker game from the developer of To The Moon. 13 Jun The Mirror Lied (Windows, 7MB, free) - A spooky, horror-themed simple, and unpolished 3D platformer created using Game Maker by Andrew Brophy. I thought that the way The Mirror Lied used an RPG maker to make an. 20 Dec And yet, it's impossible to walk away from The Mirror Lied without feeling Even in this game, Gao used RPG Maker's default assets to paint its. The Mirror Lied: A pretty deep game with lots of underlying meanings. This iconset for RPG Maker VX and Ace contains rips from the game Final Fantasy.

Maker Game, Rpg Maker, Rpg Horror Games, Indie Games, Pc Games, Video Games, Anime Style, Anime Art, Anime Girls. Misao, Mad Father, Ib, The Wich's. This is a short, free game by the creator of To The Moon.

It's categorized as abstract and open to interpretation. It may or may not have alternate endings. 8 Jun The Mirror Lied is an RPGMaker-created oddity. 'A faceless girl in a faceless world' engulfed in a story about well, I'm not really sure what it's. More: • • • • • • • •.

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Time to celebrate! Yay~ Also I'm interested in what kind of rpg maker games you like (if you even play those xD). What is your favorite rpg maker game? Post in the comments below~ It's okay if you can't decide, see, I can't do either xD Just post below what you liked What I liked: Spoiler Horror~ ~ TAUT, a German RPG maker game made by Char0n.

Although it's just a demo and really old I LOVE THIS dayum. Why aren't there more silent hillish games? And this dumb girl played the english translated version instead of the one of her native language *facepalm please* Oh judith is so innocent in a way. I just loved how the game started, being introduced to a weird girl.

Having a teddy bear in her room and, like, the first thing she says 'I hate teddy bears'. This is the first rpg maker game I ever played, watched and got a ton of nightmares from. It's really, really good.

Old but gold. ~I personally really enjoyed playing Utopia This was a really sweet Horror game and it was full of details, loved the storytelling though it seemed weird. But i like weird. ~ Alice Mare was fun to play too I'm not after graphics when it's about rpg maker games but look at these sweet pixel busts I just didn't enjoy these games as much as the others listed ~what about heta oni?

~> No, played the original Ao Oni and it WAS a good game but why should I play the version as a Hetalia Fangame? And why is it like the most popular hetalia fangame?

But ehh, whatever ~where's Vampire's Dawn? ~> Vampire's Dawn is not really a good game in my opinion, sorry. As you might or might not have noticed, I like going back in time and seeing what kind of rpg maker games were made by people in the past.

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