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Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac, part of the Plantronics Spokes software portfolio, is a client application that allows end users to manage their Plantronics audio device with softphone call control, firmware updates, customization options and more.

I'm a new user and not sure how to create a new thread so I'm hopping on here - hope that's OK Trying to find a Thunderbolt 3 male to Thunderbolt 2 male lead. I see adapters are available but that'd require an extra dongle: Device (Macbook Pro mid-2017) ---> Thunderbolt 3 (male) to Thunderbolt 2 (female) adapter ---> Thunderbolt 2 (male) to Thunderbolt 2 (male) lead ---> Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder Is there an option to just use a Thunderbolt 3 male to Thunderbolt 2 male lead? So I can skip the adapter? After 12 months of messing around with different mini hubs/dongles, I've ended up buying a Caldigit TS3+ for the desk and its amazing. Finally, its a reliable, future-proofed, single cable solution with a ton of ports. If you're looking for something to use at your desk, I can't recommend it enough.

As for on the move, the Satechi one seems to be the best option in terms of price v number of ports and I have another one of their ones which has been very good and is now my go-to device for on the move.

/telit-wireless-module-usb-driver-for-mac/. Updated April 2017: Added Anker's 10-port USB 3.0 hub to the list. A USB hub is a device that houses a number of additional ports so you can connect a bunch of peripherals (like a keyboard and mouse, an external hard drive or flash drive, a microphone, etc.). It extends what your computer is capable of and gives you the versatility that you need to do everything you want. Wether you just want a couple of extra ports for a keyboard and mouse, or you want to max out your connected gadgets, we've got the best USB hubs for your Mac right here. • • • • • Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub. Simply plug in your EC Technology Premium USB hub to your Mac, and you'll be able to triple the size of your USB horizon! With its clean, minimalist white design, the EC hub is a great pairing for your Mac.


A USB Micro-B power supply port allows for a steady charge while the ultra-fast USB ensures quick transfer wherever and whenever you need your information, files, and documents. On one side of the hub, you get access to three full USB ports. On the other side, you get access to one USB port, and one USB Micro-B charging port. Sabrent Premium 4-Port USB hub. If you're looking for a USB hub that looks and feels like it's made for your Mac, then we suggest checking out the Sabrent Premium 4-Port USB hub!

Designed without the mess and tangle of cables, the Sabrent USB hub adds 4 additional USB ports to the front of your Mac. Simply plug in the hub to a USB port at the back of your computer, and the Sabrent blends in perfectly with your Apple device. Unfortunately, the Sabrent won't charge an iPad – it'll only sync it – but its slim and compact design saves space and is perfect for those who want a simple USB hub. Sentey LS-6141 Aluminum USB hub. With a 12 month warranty and seven additional USB ports for your Mac, the Sentey LS-6141 Aluminum USB hub is an efficient, reliable hub designed to boost your productivity and pair with your Apple computer effortlessly. After connecting your Sentey hub, you can easily connect devices like digital cameras, printers, flash drives, external hard drives, and more, all from a single hub. The hub also comes with three charging ports which make charging your iPhone or iPad simple as pie.

The 10-port USB 3.0 hub also comes with a wall adapter and produces quick data rates of up to 5.0Gbps, which is around 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Talk about small but mighty, huh?! Anker 4-Port USB hub. The Anker 4-Port USB hub is one of the best rated in the USB hub game, so it's no surprise that it's an ideal partner to consider for your Mac. Sleek, modern, and minimalist with an Apple-style aluminum finish, the Anker USB hub matches perfectly with your Mac. This small port is perfect for working on the go, or you can secure it to your home office with included velcro.

John mcdouall stuart and john mcgorrery. With the Anker's super speed ports, you'll have a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps. Unfortunately, some wireless devices like keyboards and mice might not work with this USB hub.

What's your favorite USB hub? Is there a USB hub that matches your Mac perfectly? What about one that runs faster than the speed of light? Let us know what your favorite USB hubs are and why you love to use them and we'll be sure to check them out! This post may contain affiliate links.

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