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Buy a dedicated device they will shit all over any mac or pc running mapping software and connected to a USB GPS receiver. When i go hunting a use my Garmin etrex or map62 both will last several days on a set of AA batteries, and when they do go flat you just bung in some Fresh AA's the units above are handhelds, again you can get dedicated land and marine GPS units for mounting in the car (i'm not talking about a navman or tomtom) or on the boat, that you can get topo maps and marine charts for. If you must use a laptop and it has to be a mac use bootcamp or better yet a parallels of fusion VM and run oziexplorer pick your boss up a stop watch and compass, along with a paper map if he is planning on heading into the bush, maybe a EPIRB too as it sound like he will probably need rescuing. Oziexplorer Aah so that is what you really want. Mpv to ape converter for mac. Buy a mac, buy VMWare or Parallels, a copy of Windows 7, and oziexplorer. Install WMWare/Parallels and Windows so that oziexplorer will run like its a mac application (windows is hidden). Don't tell the boss about the Windows and virtual machine, he'll think it 'just works'.

Problem solved. But an iPad is a LOT better. As above if he is going to really remote places make sure he has an EPIRB and a paper map as there will be no power supply to recharge, no 3G coverage and NO INTERNET – this would be the best gift of all. If you have used/carried one you should know? But seeing as your probably just making stuff up, the EPIRB/PLB operates on a global standard for search and rescue services, apart from the initial cost there is no ongoing costs and registration is free. I assume you are just trolling, but, SPOT is much smaller and can be used for a miriad of other uses over an EPIRB as well as the fact the SPOT will still call in the cavalry when you run out of wheet-bix and the store is more than 30 minutes away. Ximagic denoiser mac torrent. Also as you can send your position as you go using spot people will have an idea of where you are if you suddenly find yourself with no reception or the device fails rescuers will have a ballpark of where to look.

Also a scenario, ultra marathon runners running along and needing to RV with their support crew one of the guys trips and badly sprains an ankle 10 km before the RV, no mobile reception. They could have a SPOT which can send a signal to the support crew saying we need help but not so bad we need a chopper, or they can have an EPIRB which will be either an over reaction or useless, as it will only call out emergency services as well as weighing much more than a SPOT. This scenario could equally be overlaid to the OP's situation where small emergencies like vehicle issues and you bought the wrong coffee grounds could be taken care of just as well as a traumatic amputation or a sucking chest wound. So now explain to me YOUR reasoning as to why a EPIRB is the better choice?


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