Teradek's Stream Reader Plugin Now Available For Mac


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Yes, and you'll have to wait for the Teradek version 7 software to come out as I've just found. Annoying that they released some really cool software that when it came out, worked with nothing. Now that Wirecast 4.3 is out, we've got half the puzzle. Just waiting on Teradek v7 (according to their support should be in a couple weeks). However, if by some chance you have the MPEG-TS license on your Cube you can actually use the plugin now (as long as you've upgraded to Wirecast 4.3). When updating office 2011 for mac. If you don't have that, you can either dump $500 to add it to your cube, or wait till v7 comes out. Should you purchase the signature app for mac. Then you'll be able to use the RTP options in the plugin.

Teradek Stream Reader Plugin Not Available For Mac

Heya, so they've released Version 6.2.5 today and while the release notes havn't been posted yet, I had some hope. And that hope appears to be good. I now have my Teradek Cube 250 working in Wirecast using the Teradek plugin.

On your Teradek Cube set the following: Video Setup -> Stream Settings menu select: 1: RTP/RTSP 2: Enter a port number (554, or 9710 or whatever, has to match what you put in Wirecast) In the Wirecast Source Menu Add a Teradek Network Plugin source then pick: 1: Protocol = RTP over TCP 2: Host = IP or DNS name of your Cube 3: Port = Port you set in prior step on the Teradek web console 4: Stream Name = stream1 (usually, quickview does appear to work also if enabled on Cube) 5: Jitter Buffer = (optional, if on a close network with little traffic 0 should work. Otherwise add 100 - 200ms) Click Apply, then Save and Blammo. Happiness without spending $500 for the MPEG-TS plugin.

I just wanted to second what Christr said above. I was having issues getting my Stream Reader working even after the update to 6.2.5 but it was because I hadn't set the port number in the ADVANCED settings on the Teradek Cube configuration page. Under the stream settings there is a kind of hard to see Advanced button in the bottom right. Use the settings that Christr mentioned above and Wirecast should then pick it up (give it a minute after setting it up to recognize).

Make sure that you are using Wirecast 4.3 and Cube firmware 6.2.5 TMark. Hi CraigS, I updated to the newest wirecast today.

I am on PC Win 8 lots of ram, SSD, and the older Wirecast with Cube worked just fine until today. I try to connect my Cube 250 over ethernet with streamreader and my just freshly updated wirecast license. The setup of Christr up in this thread cannot be verified.

Any Teradek streaming setting does not work. When i connect via RTP to the cube, i get 'This stream is not licenced'. I read that cube needs to have minimum required firmware, a firmware which has a higher number than my Cube 250 which is kinda stuck to an old firmware. Iphone game maker for mac. Would that mean that i have to downgrade to the old wirecast again to continue working with my cube? Yes, you need to upgrade you Cube firmware to a supported revision.

You can download firmware from Teradek's website. Which one is better, bhu or du, for mac. Also you cannot use any MPEG-TS settings in the stream reader plugin without having a valid MPEG-TS license. So make sure you're not picking any of those options. If for some reason you cannot upgrade your cube firmware you can just use an older streamreader plugin.

The problem with that is with Wirecast 5 some of the menus don't appear correctly. As for upgrading Cube firmware it's pretty easy. However, if you're going to goto ver 7.1.12 make sure to follow the special instructions, otherwise just do 7.1.10. Any 7.x firmware version should work with the latest Streamreader plugin.

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