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PC system utility software ranges from $10 to $50, but you’ll find the biggest jump in quality between $20 and $40. Bluemail windows download. We think $40 is the sweet spot, but it ultimately comes down to your computer’s specs and average usage. Download and install the best free apps for System Utilities on Mac from CNET, your trusted source for the top software picks. How to set up wd my passport ultra for mac.

Choose Apple menu () > About This Mac to get an overview of your Mac, including your Mac model, processor, memory, serial number, and. To see the greater detail provided by System Information, click the System Report button. To open System Information directly, hold down the Option key and choose Apple menu () > System Information. You can also use to find System Information, or open it from the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. System Information opens to a system report for your Mac: Select items in the sidebar to see information about each item. For example, the Hardware section shows your Mac serial number, the Memory section shows how much RAM is installed in each internal memory slot, and the Software section shows which startup disk (boot volume) your Mac is using.

You can use the Network section and the to learn more about your network. To have System Information read your serial number aloud, choose File > Speak Serial Number. To save a copy of your system report, choose File > Save. To learn more about System Information, choose Help > System Information Help.

Useful cloud Online file services that sync with your Mac have been around for some time, and provide you with valuable storage, collaboration and more. Notes on the go is an essential companion to anyone researching online. Use it to file clippings, notes and loads of other information in your online scrapbook, which you can access anywhere. Contacts Apple’s and integrates well with the rest of the OS, but for a contacts manager with more to offer check out, which adds powerful social media integration.

[ Related: ] Data recovery When things go wrong and you accidentally delete data or your hard drive fails then you’ll need, or ( $119). DiskWarrior is an insanely powerful recovery solution, but for basic file recovery all three work, including recovery of data from external drives. Memory hogs Noticed how some applications consume so much RAM your Mac moves like a geriatric possum? One way to fix this is to relaunch the memory-consuming app, the other is to use. Both will optimize your RAM to maximize available memory, while Dr. Cleaner will also clean the disk and check for large files.

Sleep well We stare at our computers at work and at home, we use iPhones and iPads and then find we can’t get to sleep at night. There’s a science at work here concerned with the blue light used for displays and its To help yourself use which matches the color of your display to the time of day, filtering out that blue light at night.

Virus checker Mac users aren’t terribly impacted by viruses, but we can still pass them on. /ftp-server-for-mac/. If you work and share files with Windows users you should ensure your Mac doesn’t infect the lesser platform. That’s why I use.

Best System Utilities Software


[ ] Liberate disk space With over a million users, ($2) is one of the very best disk cleaning utilities with numerous useful features – recommended. File reduction removes the international language support files installed by default on OS X, reclaiming several hundred megabytes of space. Backup (please backup, please, please) Losing your images, music and other precious digital things is how almost every Mac user learns why they should back up. Photoshop free for mac. Use Apple’s for one back up, but don’t stop there – create a second backup using either ($40) or ($27.95) (both of which are excellent), and take a look at as additional protection. Faxing You will be glad you got each time you need to send or receive a fax. Privacy If you already use the rapidly improving for search (and you should) then you should also look at.

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