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Adding watermarks to PDF files helps protect your intellectual property, prevents electronic abuse of your files, protects sensitive information in PDF, ensures confidentiality, prohibits others from stealing your documents, lets receivers understand your thoughts, etc. There are many PDF watermark creators on the web, but only a few are effective and can batch watermark PDF files.

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In this article, we discuss everything about the top rated batch PDF watermark creator. The Best Batch PDF Watermark Creator for Mac. ISkysoft (or iSkysoft ) is a powerful software which provides users with plenty of useful tools that lets you create, convert, edit, protect, share, and manage PDF files. The program supports the batch-addition of watermarks to multiple PDF files and even lets you conduct changes on existing watermarks in your PDF documents, thanks to the advanced markup and annotation tools. It finishes the job swiftly and delivers quality results.

As a user you have the option to utilize either texts or files as your watermark. Files can be easily uploaded from the local folder, but if you decide to use texts, you’ll have the opportunity to fully manipulate the text. The program allows you to change the font’s styles and properties at any time.

Moreover, you are free to place the watermarks wherever you want on the page. Key Features of This Batch PDF Watermark Creator • Easily add watermark to multiple PDF documents in batch. • The advanced editing tools give you full control over PDF files. The witness for mac. • You can convert PDF to all popular business formats. • It helps you make or fill out PDF forms, and copy, edit, search or convert scanned PDF files.

Star Watermark

• The program allows you to share PDF documents through Dropbox, Google Drive, email, Evernote or by printing them out. • Users protect their PDF documents with full passwords, digital signatures or through redaction. Steps on how to batch watermark PDF files Step 1.

Star PDF Watermark for Mac is a batch PDF watermarking software for Mac, you can fast add text or image watermark to every page of a Acrobat PDF file, such as add signatures, company name or company logo to protect you PDF file copyright. Star PDF Watermark for Mac Download - Batch watermark PDF files.

Star Pdf Watermark For Mac

Star watermark software

Launch the program First, download the batch PDF watermark program. Drag the setup file to “Applications” and install the software on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, you can double-click the software’s icon to launch it. Import PDF file When you run the software, click the “Open File” button and then you’ll be directed to the drive with all your PDF files.

Just search for the specific PDF files you want to import and select the “Open” button. Alternatively, click on any blank area within the program and then drag and drop your PDF files to the interface. The PDF files will be uploaded to the program automatically. The time taken depends on the number/size of your PDF files, but iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional has an excellent upload speed.

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Watermark In Pages Mac

Batch add watermark to PDF On the software window, move your cursor to the 'Edit' menu and then click on “Watermark.” Under the Watermark menu, select the “Batch Add Watermark” option. You’ll then be provided with the kind of watermark you want to add. Select image, Text or PDF watermark by simply checking on the desired watermark type. Note that you can also batch remove watermarks if needed by selecting the “Batch Remove Watermarks” option from the Watermark menu.

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