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Mac Miller's house did not look like the backdrop for a drug binge. But that's exactly what cops think went down. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they only found a tiny amount of white powder. The trend of open source software is growing on Mac, and there’s no shortage of quality apps. You might be familiar with some common ones, like VLC, Firefox, LibreOffice, Handbrake, and more. Here’s a list of some less popular open-source Mac apps you should try. You may be surprised by how.

Sep 08, 2018  Mac Miller's house did not look like the backdrop for a drug binge. But that's exactly what cops think went down. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they only found a.

I have a heterogeneous IT environment, which means I use a mix of software that includes Linux as my primary operating system, Mac OS X on a Macbook Pro Retina, iOS on the iPad, two Chromebooks, Android on Nexus 6, 5, 7, and Samsung Galaxy S4. Windows is the only OS that doesn’t get to talk to my hardware or participate in my computing. It runs in a secluded virtual machine just for the sake of keeping me abreast of what Microsoft is trying to do with it. This mixed environment forced me to pick apps that can be used on both Mac OS X and Linux so switching between the two platforms is as easy and seamless as possible. It also has saved me quite a lot of money, as I later discovered.

And since all of the apps are fully open source and community driven there is no risk of any malware, spyware, or adware, which you would find on typical proprietary ‘freeware’ apps. Being open source I can also be assured there won’t be any secret backdoors to spy on me. Ready to start saving some money? Let's get started. See also: Editor's Note: If you are unable to advance to the next slide, try disabling adblock.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Mac OS X comes pre-installed with QuickTime player, which can't play a majority of video formats. That's where VLC comes into play. VLC is a fully open source project developed by the community and is available free of cost.

It's like a swiss army knife for movie playback. Once installed, VLC can play virtually any video format on the planet without any extra work. It can double as a music player as well as video converter. You can easily convert videos from one format to another to play them on your iPad or iPhone, which can't play quite a lot of video formats. Another lesser-known feature of VLC is the ability to play online videos from the likes of YouTube. Safari isn't a terribly useful browser, as it's not available on other platforms.

But Firefox and Chrome are up to the job. The built-in syncing feature of Firefox keeps all of your browsing data synced with the server so regardless of which OS you are on all of your data - passwords, history, bookmarks - are accessible on all the devices. Google also has a similar feature but it takes the browsing experience to the next level with. These apps turn your browser into a “sort of computer” in itself: Word processing, text editing, basic image editing, chat, video chat, making phone calls, sharing files, etc.

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Can be done from within the Chrome browser. Download and for Mac OSX. As a writer, information is my life line. I can't live or work without it. However I track so many developers, open source projects and open source companies that's it's virtually impossible to keep tabs on what they are doing. That's where RSS feeds come to the rescue. An RSS reader keeps an eye on any new posts by developers and I am notified immediately.

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On Linux there is no dearth of good RSS feed readers, but I struggled to find a decent one for Mac OS X that didn’t want me to shell out some dollars and had all the features that I needed. My RSS feed needs are limited: all I want is support for folders and the ability to export/import OPML files so I can keep my RSS feeds synced across devices. Well if I am on Linux and add a new feed to my RSS reader there, the RSS client on Mac won’t get that feed. So what I do is keep the OPML file synced through my ownCloud server so whenever I add a new site all rss clients are automatically updated. Vienna does all this -- and it's open source and available free of cost. I must admit I am not a heavy word processor user. I do most of my work in 'text editors', without any bells and whistles.

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