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Friday night Mac and I were talking about our childhoods and the illnesses we had and especially our tonsils. I had tonsilitis at least four times a year, and I'm not talking a little sore throat, I'm talking 'can't swallow spit' sore. It seems like one of those really really bad ones always hit when I was spending the summer at my grandparents. I don't know how long this tradition I'm about to impart had gone on before, but I'm telling you, if you had a sore throat, you didn't want to breathe a word of it in front of my grandmother.

The first time. My throat was so sore that I'm sure the inflammation came through my skin and showed on the outside.

Thankful for You Lyrics: Well it started out in the spare bedroom / Two turned tables uh and a microphone / I was flipping over 33's / Working on rhymes and melodies / Searching for some more of. We are so thankful for our customers, friends and families. We are closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. Our regular hours will resume Monday November 27. I’m so thankful for Mac bringin me and some special people together, the gift of love is flawless. We ALLL hurt but we don’t heal the same. 1:48 AM - 10 Sep 2018. 660 Retweets 3,366 Likes 18 replies 660 retweets 3,366 likes. I'm thankful for the friends around me I'm thankful for You yeah I'm thankful for You I've been on this road But you come to my shows Sometimes just a few of y'all (other times in troops) But you've been right there to rock with us We come together, we lift Him up Seeing You there inspires me, put Your fire in me It's never been my dream.

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When I say I couldn't swallow spit, I mean it. My grandmother looked at me trying to sip water and eyes narrowing, she said 'throat sore?' I nodded and she immediately went into the cabinet over the stove and took down this big purple bottle. From a mason jar, she removed a large long handled swab. 'Open your mouth and let me look,' she said.

Not expecting anything other than a visual inspection of my swollen tonsils, I innocently opened wide. The next thing I knew my throat was thoroughly mopped with Gentian Violet, the purple medicine in the bottle that if I'm not mistaken, was also called Horse Remedy. The taste was bitter and strong and dyed your mouth and teeth for a day or two. The taste lasted much longer. Now whether or not it was a coincidence, sure enough within a day or two, I could once again swallow my own spit and take a little soup.

For years if I heard anyone being asked 'is your throat sore?' I would be standing behind my grandmother, eyes wide and shoulders drawn up to indicate danger while violently shaking my head to indicate to the victim to deny any problem with their throat. No one has ever been so happy to say farewell to a part of their body as I was to bid adeiu to my tonsils.

Remind me to tell you about the turpentine on sugar treatment. It's a wonder I'm alive to tell the tale. Goodness me Sandi, our grandmothers sound alike. My grandma loves medication to the core.


Always trying new herbal vitamins and so forth. Tlcharger kaspersky internet security for mac. One day seeing that I was a bit low on energy, she decided to force feed me one of her vitamin boosters.

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