Smart Notebook 11.4 User's Guide For Mac


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Posted on Sep 8, 2015 (Update Autumn 2017: Smart have now retired version 11 of Notebook so it is no longer available to download. The advice below will no longer work.

Sorry.) I’m writing this post because I get asked this question a lot during my. Whilst a lot of schools have signed up for the latest version of, and have paid for the new Advantage licence, a lot of schools are still running older versions. And when they need to reinstall an older version of Smart Notebook, has been causing some confusion (although it has been changed very slightly in the last week or so to make it a bit clearer).

In addition, the many student teachers I work with are stuck in limbo since their placement schools often won’t give them a licence key (since they’re not staff) and their PGCE course will most likely not have spare keys either. For my PGCE students I recommend getting hold of 11.4 which allows you to run Smart Notebook to prepare for lessons on a Smartboard, but doesn’t need a licence key. 11.4 has less features, but is good enough for learning to use the software – plus the files it produces work fine on later versions if your school has those in the classrooms. So here’s a quick guide which explains how to get your hands on Smart Notebook 11.4 (0r older versions of version 15 and version 14). First, click here to visit the. You’ll see a large purple box where you are asked to enter a licence key. Ignore that box.

Instead, click on the tiny purple writing below that that says “ I know what software I need“. The page will change to show more options. From the dropdown box under “ Select your version” you can now select Smart Notebook 11.4 You can now choose whether you want the Windows or Mac version, and whether you want the web installer or a USB version which you can put on a stick and install on other computers.

Oct 05, 2018  Other than the rather involved workaround proposed at Running SMART Notebook 11.4 on OS X Yosemite LUKE ARMS, does anyone have a way of getting SMART Notebook 11.4 to run on Mac OS Yosemite?One of our teachers has upgraded, and now can only run the latest version, which the school isn't licensed to use.

Finally you”ll need to enter your name, email address and other details. Then click on the big “download” button to complete the process.

You can download. Note – when installing Smart Notebook, it’s quite easy to miss this step and not actually install Smart Notebook! Do make sure you check the box next to Smart Notebook, or all you end up installing are the drivers! Hope this helps! And don’t forget; if you want to get more from your version of Smart Notebook –, or you can get me in to deliver a. Update: Apologies to users of newer Macs, but Notebook 11.4 may not install on your version of OSX as I found during a recent session with students.

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The Windows version is fine (so far) on Windows 10.

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