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Smart Albums can be very helpful for organizing your Mac photos. Just as you can create Smart Playlists in iTunes, you can sire Smart Albums in Photos based on specific criteria, such as keywords, photos you’ve rated highly, pictures taken with a particular camera, or the shutter speed. Dec 11, 2011  A Smart Album is an album iPhoto creates for you, based on criteria you specify. When you import new photos that meet that criteria, the photos are added to your Smart Albums. When you import new photos that meet that criteria, the photos are added to your Smart Albums.

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If you are looking to buy Smart Albums 2.0.11 for Mac then you have come to the right place to save big on retail price. Simply add Smart Albums 2.0.11 for Mac or any other software titles to the shopping cart for even more volume savings and checkout easily. Apple has built some Smart Album type collections of its own, such as Favourites. Apple PR Photos on the Mac has smart albums that you already use. For example, when you define an image as a Favorite it is automatically added to your Favorites album. Serato dj crack for mac. Similarly, other smart albums in Photos gather. In the Photos app on your Mac, choose File > New Smart Album. Choose your criteria in the dialog that appears. You can set one condition or many. Your new Smart Album appears with your other albums.

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While it may be satisfying for the OCD within you to manually organize your digital mementos into albums in Photos, you can automate the process using smart albums. These albums self-populate based on criteria you set, so when Photos detects an image that matches your criteria, it’s automatically added to the smart album (just like iTunes’ smart playlists). Smart albums are insanely handy.

Smart Albums Smart Albums For Mac

Smart Album Smart Album For Mac

Microsoft wired keyboards. For example, you can create one that collects all the pictures you take that include a certain keyword, say, comicon, that fall within a certain date range and that are tagged as favorites. Or how about an album that gathers all the pictures of your kids that also includes the keyword vacation? In this column, you’ll learn how to make smart albums and discover a few ideas on how to use them. Creating a smart album To create a smart album, choose File> New Smart Album or press Command-Option-N once you’ve launched Photos on your Mac (you can’t create smart albums in Photos for iOS).

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