Sis 6215 Vga Drivers For Mac


I have one of those in my bin of spare parts. It's an old 2MB FPM DRAM based video card. 800x600 at 24-bit color is the highest you can go.

Download how to get fl studio 12 for mac os xme trying to stay There isn't enough VRAM for higher resolutions and bit depths. There are no accelerated drivers for XP, but I doubt that the chip is even capable of redrawing the screen much faster than XP's basic SVGA driver--not with slow ass FPM memory. Should a PC with such an old video card be running XP? Super PIII Unlocked ES Tualatin @ 1.8GHz (150x12, 1.65v), 512K L2 2GB PC2700 500GB Radeon x1950Pro Apollo Pro 266T Win7 Pro.

Additional Info • Made by: SiS/XGI • Codename: • Bus: PCI, Integrated • Memory Size: 1MB, 2MB • Max Memory Size: 2MB • Memory Type: EDO • Year: 1997 • Card Type: VGA • Made in: Taiwan • Owned by: Vlask, Palcal, Zaatharen • Outputs: 15 pin D‐sub • Video Acceleration: MPEG-1 (VCD) • Core Clock (MHz): 135 • Core: 64bit • Memory Clock (MHz): 80 • Memory Bus Width: 64bit • Memory Bandwidth (MB/s): 320 • Sold by: • Max Memory Clock (MHz): 80 • Min Memory Clock (MHz): 50 • Ramdac (MHz): 135 • Info: • Drivers.

Sis 6215 Vga Drivers For Macbook Pro

SiS VGA driver About SiS VGA driver Specifications Version: 2006-11-24 File size: 17.36MB Date added: Feb. 9, 2017 Date released: Nov.


It wont work with other browsers. Another downside is that, although EasyMailBrowser works well, there are so many free e-mail clients available it may be a hard sell to get folks to sis-6215-vga-driver for sis-6215-vga. Lowcost Windows multimedia accelerator with EDO support. Zaatharen's chip: SiS 6215SiS 6215 SiS 6215 and VRAMSiS 6215 and VRAM Motherboard with.

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