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To answer your 4 questions: That putty option to select and then right-click to paste in the best invention after the mouse. Is there anyway to make the terminal do this? No, you can however select the text you want and drag-n-drop your selection to the command prompt. Hack the source code? Probably can be done through reverse engineering, but why bother for something so trivial, and the fact that it's illegal:P Install something? As kbisset suggests. Are the source code for the mac terminal public available?

Some times I copy something to the clipboard, and it doesn't paste with Shift+Insert, but with Ctrl+V or right-click paste. The behavior seems confusing and a bit unpredictable.

Using an imac with small keyboard and connect to a windows pc via rdp. Then opening putty to connect to a linux server is a bit tricky. To insert things there the right mouse-button is your friend. I am trying to edit a line of code within a program that I use for work. I need to use the insert key to be able to add additional spaces that I can then type letters, numbers or characters. To paste the contents of the clipboard into the PuTTY window, simply right-click the mouse button. You can also paste by pressing the Shift + Ins (or Shift + Insert on some keyboards) keys together.

Putty For Mac Download Free

Basketball scoreboard app for mac. No but iTerm's is. If you tried the accepted answer; the SIMBL TerminalCopyOnSelect approach but failed with a dialog showing: Terminal 2.5 (v334) has not been tested with the plugin TerminalCopyOnSelect (null)(v0.1.0). As a precaution, it has not been loaded.

Please contact the plugin developer for further information. It's because TerminalCopyOnSelect you downloaded applies only if bundle version is 237 - 240. You can download and build it yourself from. Git clone cd terminalcopyonselect open TerminalCopyOnSelect.xcodeproj # edit Info.plist and set SIMBLTargetApplications's MaxBundleVersion to 400, which is enough for MacOSX Yosemite's # hit build, and it will copy TerminalCopyOnSelect.bundle under it's proper place: ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins.

Usb audio driver for mac. This is solved using either one of 2 methods: • Using PuTTY linux version: Clicking in both Touchpad buttons I simulated the middle button. Since using Linux Mint distro, I had not this middle button simulation activated. (The latest version of evdev, version 2.5, changed the default for the middle mouse button emulation code. I've liked the plain old xterm for this behaviour, so you may want to use that.

It works just like that on my machine. Ubuntu has XTerm installed by default, and you can run it using the xterm command. In fact, the way copying and pasting work in PuTTY was modelled after xterm. As the page mentions: PuTTY's copy and paste mechanism is modelled on the Unix xterm application. The X Window System uses a three-button mouse, and the convention is that the left button selects, the right button extends an existing selection, and the middle button pastes.


Windows typically only has two mouse buttons, so in PuTTY's default configuration, the right button pastes, and the middle button (if you have one) extends a selection. If you have a three-button mouse. I had the same issues using Ubuntu 14.10 and earlier: Unix style copy paste in the terminal not working. Disappointing default settings. However, here is a solution (partly resembling a wrap up of my predecessors): 2) To fix the terminal issue I successfully put the following lines into my xorg.conf: (see if /etc/X11/xorg.conf is suitable for you. May be different for Lubuntu etc.) Section 'InputClass' Identifier 'middle button emulation class' MatchIsPointer 'on' Option 'Emulate3Buttons' 'on' EndSection 1) The very anoying malfunction of a missing 3rd mouse button (touch pad, Marble Mouse) can actually be fixed with the 'gpointing-device-settings'.

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