Setting Up Clojure For Mac


Setting Up Clojure for Mac OS X Leopard. Clojure is a fairly new Lisp-like, functional language that is built on top of the JVM.It features great Java interoperability and is built from the ground up with concurrency in mind. Clojure Programming/Getting Started. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Which supports Clojure up to at least 1.5.1. 2013-06-04 Mac OS X Using MacPorts. Change the following to match your paths set CLOJURE_DIR = D.

ClojureX Easy set up for Clojure on Mac OS X (Snow) Leopard. NEW: Experimental support for Cygwin.

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( ns tokenize (:import ( BufferedReader FileReader ))) ( defn process-file [file-name] ( with-open [rdr ( BufferedReader. ( FileReader. File-name )) ] ( doseq [line ( line-seq rdr ) ] ( println line )))) ( process-file 'tokenize.clj' ) The BufferedReader wraps the FileReader to provide a lazy interface to the file, and allows us to treat the stream as a list, while behind the scene it calls the readLine method on BufferedReader.

Setup Up Clojure For Mac

Lg e2340v driver for mac. Shareflare premium keygen for mac. Modifying the above code you could write a generic function for reducing lines in a file. ( ns tokenize (:use [ ( read-lines ) ] )) ( defn process-file [file-name line-func line-acc] ( reduce line-func line-acc ( read-lines file-name ))) ( defn process-line [acc line] ( reduce #( assoc%1%2 ( + ( get%1%2 0 ) 1 )) acc (. Split line ' ' ))) ( prn ( process-file 'tokenize.clj' process-line ( hash-map ))) It's a bit more compact, but probably you'd be using because you were already using other duck-streams functionality (like for writing out files, for appending to files). There are many other approaches to reading in files in Clojure, but these should be enough to get started.

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