Securedoc Fullvolume Encryption For Mac


WinMagic SecureDoc with SecureDoc encryption for Mac OS X FAQs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Question: What version of SecureDoc does this FAQ cover? This FAQ covers the SecureDoc client with SecureDoc encryption for Mac OS X. For question about SecureDoc client with FileVault encryption for OS X 10.8, please see the. For questions about SecureDoc on Windows, please see the. Question: Why do I have to have Full Disk Encryption?

Requires all portable devices to be encrypted. Download node js for mac. If you have concerns about encrypting your computer, contact the Information Security Office. Question: How does Full Disk Encryption work?

Money money 2.3.7 free download for mac. Full Disk Encryption is software that encrypts everything on a computer hard drive (including the operating system). You will have a username and password (identical to the one you use to access your Mac) that you will use to access your laptop. Question: Will Full Disk Encryption work on my laptop?

View full WinMagic SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption Silver Edition specs on CNET. Credant Full Volume Encryption. SecureDoc Disk Encryption. 5, 6, 7 and 8. Hardware and software. Encryption products detected on Mac devices.

The encryption client software will run on Microsoft and Mac operating systems (except Macs with PowerPC processors). Question: I have a laptop, should I do something to prepare for Full Disk Encryption?

This utility lets you restore the connection between Logitech devices and non-Unifying wireless receivers. Logitech usb mini receiver drivers.

You are strongly urged to back up your data - while we have not had a computer fail during encryption, the possibility is there. Other steps are included in the install instructions. If you need help with either of these actions, please contact the Helpdesk. Question: How do I get Full Disk Encryption? If you have a UTA laptop, the program will be made available to you through OIT. When you have backed up your data and are ready, you may initiate the encryption process. For more information, please visit - After normal business hours and weekends, laptops may be dropped of at the Help Desk.

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Please contact the. On-site encryption services are available. Please contact the. Question: Can I work while my computer encrypts? Yes, you can continue to work. You may also wait until late in the day and begin the process so that it is complete when you return to work.

Question: Can I turn my computer off while it is encrypting? Turning your computer off in the middle of encryption is not advisable. We have tested this, and while no adverse effects have been noted in our tests, we suggest not to take the risk. Question: Can I install the encryption client on my personal laptop? No, at this time licenses are only available for UT Arlington owned assets.

UT policy prohibits University data from being stored on personal computers. Question: Can the installation be run from off campus with VPN connection? OIT strongly recommends that you do not install FDE off-campus. However, if you cannot come to campus to install SecureDoc, that you can do so from off-campus with a. Question: Once my laptop is encrypted, what will change?


On start up, you will be presented with the encryption logon screen. Simply enter your login and password and your computer will boot as normal. The encryption client also enables secure screensavers – that is, when you are ready to use your computer after the screensaver has become active, you will need to enter your username and password before proceeding. Question: I share a laptop with other people. Can my laptop still be encrypted? However, each user must have their UT Arlington NetID associated with the laptop. When a laptop is initially encrypted only the NetID of the person installing the software is granted access.

To request access for additional users please contact and ask to have an additional user added to the machine. You will need to know the computer name. Laptops that are shared by large groups of users may be better servered by using Deep Freeze. The Help Desk can help you determine the best usage.

Question: My laptop has been encrypted, how do I change my UT Arlington password? Question: I changed my password in Self Service - now I’m unable to log on at the encryption screen. What do I do?

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