Samsung Sgh Z300 Drivers For Mac


The Galaxy S phone comes in different models for each of the mobile providers. Step Plug the large end of the micro USB cable into your computer and the small end into the USB port on the top of your Galaxy S phone. Wait for your computer to recognize the phone. Step Press the 'Power' button on the top right side of your phone, briefly.

Unlock the phone by dragging the padlock icon to the top of the screen. Step Drag the notification pane down by touching the top of the screen and dragging your finger to the bottom. Touch the 'USB Connected' notification and then press the 'Mount' button.


Your phone's microSD card will appear to your computer like an external drive. Step Click on the 'Start' button on your computer and then click on 'Computer.' Double-click the drive icon that corresponds to your Galaxy S phone. This will open a folder that shows the contents of your phone's microSD card. You can copy files to and from the folder like you would any other folder on your computer.

Beyond Floppy Disks Although Apple wasn’t the first to use 3.5″ floppy disks, it was the first to standardize on them instead of the older, larger 5-1/4″ floppies. Iomega zip 250 usb driver for mac. In the PC world, single-sided 3.5″ floppies held 360 KB of data, double-sided disks 720 KB. High-density (HD) 3.5″ floppies arrived in 1987, and both PCs and Macs used them to store 1.4 MB of information. The same year IBM introduced its DSED (Double Sided Extended Density), which never caught on. On Macs, the same disks stored 400 KB and 800 KB respectively.

Step Click the 'USB Device' icon in the task tray of your computer. Click 'Eject USB Device.'

Simply extract complete downloaded setup with the “Files Extractor” tool. /car-design-autocad-download-for-mac/. Install completely & double-tap on the installed “ Architectural” application for Run.

The Plustek ePhoto Z300 is compatible with Windows PC and Mac with the drivers available both on the supplied CD and on the official Plustek page. This scanner also includes two different software. The first called ePhoto, useful for the acquisition and retouching of our favorite photos.

/emedia-music-guitar-for-dummies-level-2-for-mac/. Wait until you're done transferring files before ejecting the phone from the computer. Step Unlock your phone and drag down the notification area. Tap the 'USB Connected' notification and press 'Disconnect.'

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