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May 27, 2007  Can anyone tell me what the Mac equivalent is (if any) of using Microsoft SQL Server with ASP.NET (I'm currently using SQL Server 2005 Express. Hi Guys, Just recently found Outline which can read Onenote Books on Mac the Editor is coming soon. At the moment in Reader format it is pretty useless but, they have a editor on iPad which is great and I expect they will have the editor for Mac before the year is out.

The equivalents to a Windows DLL on OS X are Frameworks (Cocoa) or dylibs (BSD). The system supplied ones are in /usr/lib and /System/Library/Frameworks respectively. The folder you mention, Library/Application Support is similar to the Application Data (or AppRoaming now?) folders in Windows, containing your applications' personal settings. While I don't know what the equivalent for Chrome's default.dll on OS X is, the application bundle contains the following: Guessing from the size, it looks like Google Chrome Framework might be important (the folder Frameworks just above doesn't contain much of interest). There's no real DLLs in OS X, Linux, or any POSIX for that matter. They don't make the differentiation. • A lot of Mac stuff, for one, is self-contained (.app's are really just folders after all).

• The binaries in Mac OS X (and Linux and other *Nixes) use the (which stands for Executable and Library Format) for both and executables. The Default file that you found in there was probably an ELF binary. Update: dmckee points out that.dylibs are under the format exclusive to Macs. It's hard to distinguish the two by sight, however, because neither of them actually require any extension.

SADiE 6 FAQs • • • • General FAQs? Will SADiE 6 work with my SADiE hardware? SADiE 6 is intended to work with any hardware that supported SADiE 5.6 (aside from DSD8), although it no longer depends on it and can run natively on Windows computers with no SADiE hardware connected. Since the release of 64 bit support with SADiE 6.0.5 in September 2012 this situation has become somewhat more complicated since the 32 bit versions will work with the SADiE 5 hardware, but the 64 bit versions do not yet.

FAQ ID = 171? Will SADiE6 work with my version of Windows? SADiE6 will run on all versions of Windows 7, 8 (except RT) and 10 – both 64-bit and 32-bit (for which you need to choose the correct installer) Currently there are no 64-bit drivers available for SADiE5 DSP hardware; LRX and BB2 drivers are expected to be released in early 2013. It's expected that SADiE6 will run on Windows Vista, however there has been no exhaustive testing. SADiE6 was tested on Windows XP 32-bit, however since Microsoft have retired XP as of April 2014, we are no longer able to off support for it.


In the European Union, Microsoft sell editions of Windows labelled with an 'N', eg. 'Windows 7 N' which are supplied without Windows Media Player. You will need to install Windows Media Player before attempting to install SADiE 6 on such a version of Windows. FAQ ID = 192? Will SADiE6 run on a Mac?

SADiE is Windows software and will not run under OS X, however both SADIE5 and SADiE6 have been well-tested on Intel Mac computer hardware running Bootcamp (ie., Windows on Mac hardware). For SADiE5 you would need USB connected SADiE hardware (eg., the LRX2 or BB2/BB2J) on Intel Macs under Windows XP 32-bit. SADiE6 offers more flexibility of Windows operating system: 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 & Windows 8 (not RT) work. No special issues have been encountered in running under Bootcamp compared to running with a 'standard' PC running Windows. There may be virtual machine software packages that can run Windows inside Mac OS X however we would recommend using Bootcamp instead. Free bike racing games download for mac.

Huawei cdma technologies msm driver for mac. Some users have had success using virtual machines but we cannot offer any support for these. FAQ ID = 204 Installation FAQs? Free software for mac.

How do I get the SADiE6 Software? Please visit and fill in a download request form.

You will then be emailed a link which will take you to the download page. The link is only valid for 7 days so it's best to get the download right away if possible. If not, simply fill in the form again when you're ready.

If you have previously filled in the form, simply fill in only your email address and if it is recognised you will be taken directly to the download page. The downloads are all Windows executable installers. There are three versions - 32 bit and 64 bit and combined/auto-detecting. Simply save the appropriate one for your operating system and run it to install the software. The combined/auto-detecting installer includes both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is twice as big and takes twice as long to download, but can detect which version your operating system is and install the right one.

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