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[EN] Rytec XMLTV and EPG support: Use this forum to discuss the XMLTV EPG service and the XMLTV import plugin. Download XBMC XMLTV for free. XMLTV script for XBMC. Please study the README in the zip file. Apr 10, 2015  Kodi is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

Advertisement??Download TV listings in your area to a XMLTV file you can use with your media center. It’s easy, fast and – unlike other solutions – free with mc2xml. Plus, unlike other solutions, it works in the US and Canada. This script pulls down and converts movie information from Microsoft’s servers so you can use it with whatever software you like.

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Even better, it’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Finding online is an easy matter: just find a site with listings in your area. If you use media center software, however, getting TV listings to show up on-screen can be complicated.

Most programs offer some support for the open source XMLTV format, though, meaning if you can find an XMLTV file for your area and television provider, you’re all set. That’s easier said than done, however. While some television providers in Europe offer such files free of charge, North Americans generally aren’t so lucky.

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Good thing mc2xml exists – it can create XMLTV files for just about anywhere. Using mc2xml If you’re a Mac or Linux user, using mc2xml is a matter of learning how to use the command line. Check out the to learn the various options. If you’re a Windows user, the command line is also an option, but there’s also a simple GUI you can use.

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Whatever version of the program you’re using, you need to let the program know where you are and which source you’d like to get your information from. The default, from Microsoft, is probably best. Using TitanTV requires a hard-to-find code, and using Schedules Direct requires a (paid) subscription. So what can you use an XMLTV file with?

I personally use it to see what’s on TV without needing to quit my media center of choice – XBMC. You’ll need to install the for XBMC to do this. But plenty of other programs can work with these files too. Basically, any program that can show TV listings can use these files. Download mc2xml Are you ready to check this out?

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You will find versions for Windows, Linux and Mac computers, along with a set of instructions. The GUI is only for Windows users. Mac and Linux users will need to learn some command-line magic to get this working. Don’t panic, there are instructions on the site. The software is supported by donations.

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