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Rufus is quite helpful when you need to install Windows 7/8/10,, reset Windows user password or else. Freeware as Rufus is, it does a good job in making bootable flash drive from ISO images and has benefited millions of users worldwide, not including Mac OS users though. However, things will be different after reading this post about how to create bootable USB drive for a PC on a Mac. Does Rufus Work on Mac Computer? Unfortunately, Rufus only supports 32 or 64 bit Windows XP/7/8/10.

Download Rufus For Linux

Rufus is a little utility that configurations and make bootable USB streak drives, for example, USB keys/pen drives, memory sticks, and so on. Just download and install this Rufus alternative for Mac/Win/Linux, launch it and pick the IMG file that you would like to burn. After that, select your SD card and wait for it. As you can see, the above third-party programs are the better 2017 Rufus alternatives I have collected so far. Rufus is a lightweight software for computers that enables users to create bootable USB drives. The computer program is Windows compatible, Open-source and is very easy and convenient in a way that many think that there won’t any other alternatives to it.

To run Rufus on Mac computer, it’s required your Apple computer has dual boot Windows Mac OS installed, in other words, you must install Windows operating system on Mac. Is it possible? Apple hardware supports macOS, Windows, Linux natively, and the whole installing process can be easily done with a built-in app called Boot Camp. So you should have a disk image files for installation when you buy Windows PC. If not, you can download Windows ISO from and use Rufus to create a bootable USB drive. Open Boot Camp from the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder and it will guide you through installing Windows on your Mac.

Rufus Usb Tool Mac

After that, format your Windows partition and finish Windows installation. Now restart your Mac to switch between masOS and Windows. When you successfully boot from Windows, you can download Rufus for Macbook/iMac and use this freeware to burn ISO files to a USB drive.

Rufus For Os X

How to Create Windows Bootable USB on Mac using Rufus? You can always make a bootable USB drive with Rufus on a Mac. Depending on the ISO image type, you can either use the disk to reset Windows password or install Windows operating system or else. Below is a simple guide: • 1.Launch Rufus on your Mac computer with Windows operating system installed, and insert an at least 4GB USB flash drive. Select the device from interface. • 2.Specify the partition scheme, file system, cluster size and format options accordingly.

It's still free to download and use. Best rar archivers for mac. You can read more from the press release. However, it's worth noting that the app has been acquired by (the maker of, an awesome Mac cleaning app) and is now part of the MacPaw family. As for the best rar extractor app for Mac, the recommendation stays the same —.

• 3.Browser and choose an ISO image stored on your Mac. • 4.Click Start button. There you have learnt how to create bootable USB from ISO with Rufus, and what you do with the UFD is really up to you. If you don’t want to download and install Windows to your Mac while need to burn a bootable password reset disk to save your locked Windows PC, you can try the Rufus alternative for Mac OS computer –. Vga free download drivers. No extra ISO file is required as this program will provide one by default. Once you burn the ISO to your CD/DVD/USB drive, you are free to boot your Windows computer from external hard drive.

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On Linux systems (which use GNU dd) you will need to use capital suffixes (e.g. Bs=1M instead of bs=1m) On mac, rdiskN instead of diskN uses so-called 'raw' disk access, which is faster. This only works on mac. Also, you can get progress during the copy by pressing Ctrl-T.

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