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Best Blu-ray Ripper 2018 to Rip Blu-rays Easily. Looking for a really good Blu-ray ripper in 2018? List of 2017-2018 best Blu-ray ripping software gathers the top Blu-ray rippers 2018 in the world that will convert and rip Blu-rays homemade/protected smoothly and easily with good results. Handbrake is an excellent tool that allows you to take a movie and convert/compress it into a Mac-and-iOS-playable movie file. It's free, and it works.

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Handbrake is an excellent tool that allows you to take a movie and convert/compress it into a Mac-and-iOS-playable movie file. It's free, and it works. If you also have VLC installed Handbrake will read DVDs and convert them directly. Blu-ray, disks, however, are not supported directly by this Handbrake/VLC combo, and that makes things frustrating. Enies lobby arc download for mac. Typically you need to first rip the Blu-ray into some format that Handbrake will understand and then you can convert/compress from there.

MakeMKV is one such program that will do that Blu-ray conversion. What many users don't realize, though, is that MakeMKV can be invoked on-the-fly to allow Handbrake to rip and convert/compress Blu-ray disks directly. To do this, you first need to download and put, and into your Mac's Applications folder. The first two are completely free, the last is a paid app but Mike Chen, MakeMKV's author, has said that all of its features will remain free while in beta. You can get an updated key at any time during this extended beta (or, you know, you can ). Once you've copied MakeMKV to your Applications folder, you need to point the OS at a special library baked inside of MakeMKV. This is the magic that will let Handbrake see your Blu-ray disks directly.

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Ripping Blu Ray For Mac

One of Steve Jobs’s most memorable comments may be the way he referred to Blu-ray as “” back in 2008 during a Q&A with members of the press: “I don’t mean from a consumer point of view—it’s great to watch movies—but the licensing is so complex. We’re waiting until things settle down and Blu-ray takes off in the marketplace before we burden our customers with the cost of the licensing and the cost of the drives.” As Macs users well know, things haven’t settled down (at least not from Apple’s perspective).

Four and a half years after that comment, OS X still doesn’t support Blu-ray playback, nor has any Mac shipped with a drive capable of even reading or burning data on a Blu-ray disc. W770 wireless usb adaptor driver for mac. And given that few Macs even include optical drives these days, Apple’s never going to bring Blu-ray to the Mac. (The company can already sell you HD movies and TV shows directly from the iTunes Store, so why would Apple want to embrace Blu-ray?) While Blu-ray was in its early days when Jobs made his “bag of hurt” comment, the format has come a long way, and the Blu-ray disc is holding its own in the marketplace.

Rip Blu Ray Audio Mac

True, people still buy more DVDs than Blu-ray discs, but. And even though downloading HD movies is easy, there are several reasons to buy Blu-ray discs. The picture quality is better (with higher bit rates and less compression), as is the audio (with several different mixes for multichannel systems). If you lack a fast Internet connection (or are subject to bandwidth caps from your ISP), it may be quicker and easier to buy a Blu-ray disc than wait to download a file that might top out at 8GB. Also, even with digital extras included with many movies now, you don’t get the full complement of bonus content you do with a disc. Finally, an optical disc is a good, hard-copy backup. Sold on Blu-ray yet?

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