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Game Details: Welcome to the “Ridge Racer Unbounded” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port this game so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application.

Authors Note: A very good ridge climb, enjoyable the entire way up. Exciting exposure, and a great semi-technical way to reach the top of Lady Mac.

We only used the rope on the 5.5. Pitch, and final headwall.

Go at it within your exposure comfort level and use the rope if required on the ridge itself. We took 5.5hrs to the top. Approach: Park at the Cougar Creek parking lot in Canmore, and hike up the canyon for about 1hr. Look for a cairn on the left side of the canyon before the large bend. Panasonic kvs3065c driver for mac. A trail should easily be gained here leading up the correct ridge.

Note: Some have turned off too early and gained the wrong ridge. Once on the trail, follow it up until the ridge proper is gained. Climb: It's a fairly straightforward climb directly up the ridge. Unless you fall off, it's not possible to get of route. Scramble and climb the ridge where possible, until the 5.5.


Ridge Machine Works

Pitch is reached (look for an obvious flake feature, where the pitch starts (see photo). Once above, continue on the ridge proper excitingly at times, passing a number of bolts (guides lead clients on this route).

Continue on the ridge following it until it reaches a final small headwall below Lady Mac's false summit. The headwall is climbed easily on a left leaning corner. Gear required: A single 60m is fine, a few pieces of gear to 2' for the one 5.5 pitch.

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Ridge Forming At The Top Of The Skull

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