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We get a myriad of tasks to be done. What's worse, things don't belong to one category but, one to here and another to there or others to both. That's why we need a task manager to organize all my things to do.

Back when the original iPhone was released, in June 2007, one of the most frequent complaints was that it didn’t include a program for keeping track of tasks and to-dos. We noted this omission ourselves in our.

We’re still waiting for iCal’s to-do lists to find their way onto the iPhone. But the good news is that with the release of the iPhone 2.0 software and the, third-party vendors can (partially) fill that void. And a quick stroll through the shows you how many developers have stepped up to the plate: earlier this week I found 13 to-do-list programs; five more-advanced task managers designed around the or aimed at complex project management; seven apps focused on keeping shopping lists; and a handful of apps, ( ), that use voice recordings and other unique approaches to help you remember the myriad tasks you need to complete in your busy life. I decided to focus on the first group—basic list managers—as I suspect that most iPhone owners will be more than satisfied by a simple app for tracking lists of to dos. (We’ll be covering the other types of apps in future reviews.) Specifically, I looked at,,, (yes, two apps with the exact same name),,,,,. Itunes kit for mac. As I, I choose a few of the better options to cover here. None of them offers all the features I’d like to see in a simple to-do-list app, but each has unique attributes that merit your atttention.

List limitations Before I get to my impressions, I should point out a couple major caveats that apply to most to-do and task-management programs available for the iPhone. First, none take advantage of, which means none sync directly with your to-do lists on your Mac—in iCal or in Mail. And although some we’ll be covering later do sync with online services, none of those services sync directly with OS X.

In other words, there are currently no to-do-list apps that can sync with your existing to-do lists in iCal or Mail. Second, unless a particular app is a client for an online service and can back up your tasks online, or has a Mac OS X version that can sync with the iPhone, all your to-do data is stored on the iPhone, within the app itself.

So if you ever delete the app from the phone, your to-do lists are deleted, as well. (Similarly, if your phone ever has a problem that requires you to restore it, and iTunes is unable to restore your data from its backup—something that’s happened to me numerous times—that data is gone for good.) Chores 1.0 $5 —which gets its name from the app’s term for tasks—provides an attractive interface for keeping multiple, simple to-do lists. The main screen displays the name of each list along with the total number of tasks and the number of completed tasks in each. You add new lists by tapping on the plus (+) button and then typing the name of the item; similarly, you add a new task to a list by taping the Add Chore button while viewing that list.

Civil war account. Both completed and pending tasks are displayed; to get rid of a completed task you use the iPhone’s familiar swipe-delete action. While using Chores, I liked the little touches that make it more efficient. For example, when creating a new list, instead of tapping an OK button to confirm your action, you get options to Add This List And Return Home or Add This List And Create Chore. Similarly, when creating a task, you get options to add the task and immediately create another or to add the task and return to the main screen.

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Review How To Use Lil Todotask Manager App For Mac

You can also assign a new task to any list, not just to the list you’re currently browsing. (Although I wish Chores defaulted to the current list, rather than to the first list alphabetically; too often I accidentally assigned new tasks to the wrong list.) On the other hand, despite these useful conveniences, Chores lacks many features found in the other task-tracking apps covered here. For example, you can’t include notes with tasks, e-mail tasks or lists, or move a task from one list to another. Brother mfcj825dw driver for mac. Chores also doesn’t support schedules or priorities (although you can manually reorder items within a list). And despite having fewer features, it’s more expensive than the three apps below. What kept Chores on my list, in addition to its attractive interface, is that the developer promises a Mac OS X version of Chores in August; according to TapeShow, the iPhone and OS X versions will synchronize your lists, filling a major hole in the iPhone’s to-do-list functionality (and likely earning Chores a higher rating). Dobot Todos 0.1 The best of the free to-do apps for iPhone, features a plain-as-text interface, but one with a good number of useful features.

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