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If you need help starting your resume or cover letter, Word is a great source for templates. Start with a professionally designed template and customize it to showcase your talents. On the File menu, click New from Template. In the search box, type Resume or Cover Letter. Double-click the template. Tip: To automatically include personal information such as your name, address, and phone number in a Word resume template, on the Word menu, click Preferences, and then click User Information. On the File menu, click New from Template.

You know that that perfectly conveys your talent and individuality can be quite the. Besides, all the impressive experience in the world won’t stand out in the pile if your resume looks like everyone else’s, and a visually-striking resume could be the deciding factor that gets you an interview. Whether you have d or not, spending time and energy crafting a perfect resume isn’t always an option. But not to worry—that’s what are for! We’ve rounded up 25 free, professionally-designed resume templates, each of them offering a unique approach and style. Download your favorite template—we found options for Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign—to help you catch the eye of a hiring manager. Minimalist Resumes These modern and minimalist resume designs use flat icons, clear infographics, and clean fonts to let your experience and talent take the lead.

They also show your personality and eye for design while still falling within the bounds of what’s appropriate for a more buttoned-up position. This elegant template is infographic heaven. Add your personal touch with a photo of your choice.

Clean, simple, but hardly boring. This template leaves room for your references or testimonials. Brighten things up with a pop of green.

Chart your abilities for easy scanning. If you’d like, add a headshot so the hiring team has a face to match to the credentials. Can’t be summed up in a bulleted list? Add an About Me Section. Break up blocks of text with a round chart.

This fits a ton of information without looking crowded. The cleanest way to list your social media presence. /versace-living-room-set-home-design-app-for-mac/. Creative Resumes with Extra Oomph If you’re applying to a company that’s known for its relaxed culture and emphasis on individuality, a resume with remarkable typography, vivid color, and a bit more pizazz is a great option for you.

Use these as-is or as a jumping off point to create something that the hiring manager definitely hasn’t seen before. Do you have cool hobbies? Try this showcase for your extracurriculars.

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This vintage template is perfect for any old souls. Tired of minimalism? /zaoszczd-35-kupujc-resume-maker-for-mac/. Embrace maximalism. Break out of the columns you’re used to seeing with these speech bubbles. Taking up a quarter of the page with your name?

Serious power move. The template that doubles as an art poster to hang on your wall. Diamonds are a resume’s best friend. Go for a bit of red. This timeline is a novel way to show your career trajectory.

This strip of black is ultra dramatic. Go for light on dark look with this wide charcoal column—which also offers a number of infographic options.

Crazy for color? This template—which comes in a whole rainbow of options—is for you. This one shows off your high-level information right at the top. Now that you’ve picked out your ideal resume template, make it your own and and fill it in with help from, our free 30+ page ebook with everything you need to know about writing a stellar resume (including another free template). You’ve got this.

Many of these templates are quite lovely and great starting points. Thank you for all of your information. I do have a question regarding the skill grading I see on many of the examples.

On what scale are these measurements based? I don’t understand what a potential employer can glean from what, to me, appears to be abstract information that has no common grading or scale of aptitude.

Free Word Resume Templates Microsoft Office

I would love to hear how this works and how these illustrate skills that they are given prime real estate on one’s resume. Thank you in advance.:).

Word Resume Templates


File Format • PSD • Ai • Doc • InDesign • Publisher • Apple Pages A well designed stylish resume goes a long way in securing a job. Now with this resume template for Mac, it has never been easier to create the resume of your desires. Easy to edit and extremely clean and precise this MAC does most of the work for you. Highlight the skills you acquired as an engineer with this amazing template available for Mac. Using these model CV templates for Engineers you can now design a visually appealing, prim and precise resume to impress any and all potential recruiters.

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