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Using record slide show. Some slides recording, some not (using computer mic and speakers, tested and fine). The audio icon does not show when recording, but on the slides where it has recorded (hit and miss). I have done this successfully on a number of presentations (has worked before), checked and rechecked all the settings, restarted my computer even. Wasting a lot of time- very frustrating! Have read numerous posts of similar but no answers that help me. On Insert menu bar all the buttons are greyscaled, I don't know if this is significant, don't think so as have recorded a couple of slides successfully, annoying as I don't know they haven't recorded until I have narrated the whole presentation. Debugging with xamarin university.


Hi Emma, Please check the following article to make sure you are performing the correct steps. If the issue persists, to troubleshoot the issue, we would like to collect the following information: • Please confirm the build and version of PowerPoint.

To confirm, in PowerPoint, go to the PowerPoint menu and choose About Microsoft PowerPoint. • Do you get the issue with a specific presentation?

**Trim Narration – Unfortunately, this feature is not available on PowerPoint for Mac. If a narrated slide is not how you want it, you will need to re-record that particular slide. Re-recording a slide will not affect the other previously recorded slides. Save your presentation 1. Select File from the Menu bar. Select Save As, name your.

Please create a new presentation and check if the issue persists. • Try using to record audio to make sure if it works properly. Thanks, Neha.

Audio Narration Software

Narration Recording Software

This seems to be an oft asked question throughout various versions of Office for Mac, that has gone unresolved by MSFT. How does one record an audio narration while recording a slide show, and then export to a video file? If I choose 'Record Presentation' it records slide timings, but does not record any audio from the active microphone. If however I 'Insert Audio' from the ribbon, I can record audio inside of PPT from the active Microphone.

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