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I posted this on both and to help out those wanting to do the same as I did. First off, don’t listen to those Apple/PlayStation support forums claiming it is not possible to play a PS4 on a Mac. It is possible, and it works flawlessly. /shareware-toontrack-solo-for-mac/.


I am not talking about some Windows partition or streaming software that causes lag - I am talking about the real thing, using a Mac as a monitor for the PS4. I tried this on a 2014 5K iMac running Yosemite without problems. Proof:, It is quite simple, but it did cost around $150 for an adapter. You might be wondering why anyone would bother with this method when one can just use an HDTV. Well, in my case, I do not own a television, so it was either spending $300+ on a new television or just using the iMac’s 27” gorgeous display and a $150 adapter. Another plus is that I can use this method on the MacBook Pro when traveling or visiting a friend’s place. Things Needed: • A Mac with a USB 3.0 port running 10.9, 10.10, or 10.11.

• A PS4 (with controller, HDMI cable, and power cord). • AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3 ($150 on ). Set Up: • Download and install RECentral for Mac () • Connect ExtremeCap to Mac with the included USB 3.0 cable. • Connect PS4 to power outlet. • Connect PS4 to ExtremeCap using HDMI cable. • Open application RECentral on Mac.

• Turn on PS4 and enjoy! A few steps and $150 is all it takes. No lag, no hardware or software issues. It also looks fantastic on the iMac. Even though the 5K iMac has a resolution of 5120 x 2800, and the PS4 resolution is at most 1080p, any blurriness or fuzziness is barely noticeable. I hope this was helpful.

Not internet, LAN.(though internet may be an option when the app comes out). Which everyones local network, especially if using ethernet, should be more than sufficient for a decent and stable connection.

Given that item requires a direct hook up, you'd get comparable speeds and more flexibility with ethernet, as well as the options of going wireless. Paying $150 for a wired connection is absurd and if you truly need peak performance, buying a proper display could be roughly the same cost and provide better connectivity.

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