Progeniq Launches New Generation Bioboosttm V4.0 Accelerator


The industry evolved, and next-generation sequencing (NGS) became the dominant tool for genomic research. Free connect to oracle database with sql developer for mac os x. But even as NGS read-lengths have grown longer, the structural complexity of. Time-to-results and generate new insights into plant, animal, and human genomics. In production work performed at BioNano Genomics’ in-house lab, the. Next Generation BioTRAC offers new features that make it more usable, capable, reliable, and effective. N Larger screen with optical mouse n Additional memory, dual field programmable gate array (FPGA) n Faster fingerprint and iris capture with dual automatic iris cameras. Progeniq continues to reinvent the way computing is done by leveraging on the Boost Platform to introduce reconfigurable computing into new compute- intensive industries, increasing the efficiency of computing systems, boosting. Progeniq Launches Next-Generation BioBoost v4.0 Accelerator Delivers 50x CPU speedup over multi-core CPUs SINGAPORE - February 12, 2008 - Progeniq Pte Ltd, a leader in reconfigurable computing applications headquartered in Singapore, today launched the BioBoost(TM) v4.0 Accelerator for Bioinformatics.

Progeniq Launches New Generation Bioboosttm V4.0 Accelerator Pump


E-sword free download for tablets. Europe has three transmission electron microscopes with in situ ion beam research facilities and two of them are in Huddersfield. First came MIAMI - standing for Microscope and Ion Accelerator for Materials Investigations.

Progeniq Launches New Generation Bioboosttm V4.0 Accelerator Grass

It was designed and built by Professor Steve Donnelly, the University's Dean of Computing and Engineering, Professor Jaap van den Berg of the International Institute for Accelerator Applications and Dr Jonathan Hinks, a Reader in Radiation Damage in Materials at the University. Now referred to as MIAMI-1, the original facility was a bespoke combination of ion accelerator with an electron microscope, enabling nanoscale investigation of radiation damage, and is still a valuable research tool. But it has now been joined by the more powerful, versatile and much larger MIAMI-2, which has dual ion beams and greatly enhanced analytical capabilities.

Samsung writer for mac. The completion of a £3.5 million research facility means that the University of Huddersfield is established as one of Europe's leading centres for the use of ion beams as a tool for the investigation of issues ranging from nuclear technology and nanoparticles to semiconductors and the effects of.

Progeniq Launches New Generation Bioboosttm V4.0 Accelerator Cable

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) awarded £3.5 million for the development and construction of MIAMI-2, which has required the construction of a new storey at the laboratory complex in which it is housed. Designed and constructed in collaboration with major companies such as Bruker, Hitachi, Gatan and National Electrostatics Corporation - all of which have contributed major components - MIAMI-2 will have an official launch later in the year, but it is already operational and being used for experiments, said Dr Hinks. 'For example, we were working with some Belgian colleagues only last week who are looking at novel materials they have developed for next-generation nuclear reactors.' Demand is already high to use MIAMI-2, and will increase even further now that the University of Huddersfield has become one of the three UK universities to form the UK National Ion Beam Centre (UKNIBC), funded to the tune of £8.8 million - again by EPSRC. Tlchargement gratuit avaya one x communicator for mac.

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